3 Key Factors for Achieving Personal Success

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If you want to achieve success and accomplish goals in your life and career, you should ask yourself 3 key questions:

  1. WHY are you doing what you are doing?

  2. WHAT is it you want to accomplish in your business or career?

  3. WHAT is it you want to achieve in your life?

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Is it to accomplish a personal goal?  Is it to progress in a field of interest?  If you answer is, “I want to make MONEY,” then you need to dig a little deeper.  Do you want to make money to put your children through school?  Do you want your business to be successful so you can add more flexibility to your life? Is it so you can travel? What is it? Draw it out, envision it, collect pictures for it—document it!  The more detail you can add to your WHY, the more power it has to help you accomplish your goals and achieve success.  

For example, there are countless stories of rags to riches.  How do these people do it? Was there a miracle?  Was it luck?  Not likely.  They define and focus on their WHY, that’s how!  It drives them forward in everything they do, every day.  They know exactly why they are doing everything they do and why it is important in achieving their goals. The first step in achieving success is replicating this train of thought and focusing your energy on your own WHY’s.

What is it you want to achieve in your business or career?

Do you want your business to grow and your team to grow?  Do you want a business that will operate without you?  Do you want to be a leader in your field or industry?  What accomplishments do you want to look back on? Again, diagram it, plan it, and document it for your wall.  Start creating a timeline roadmap to get there, listing your goals and targets!  Add your emotions and what you will “get” when you reach each.  How does it “feel” and what will it “look” like when you achieve success?


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What is it you want to accomplish in your life?

Do you want to help people?  Do you want to add value to your community?  Do you want to help people in underdeveloped countries?  Do you want to see all your children through school and into healthy relationships?  What is it?  Once again, write down, draw it, and commit to achieving it!  Again remember to be specific and detailed so you can feel and visualize your success!

Once you have worked out some of the details, be sure to have it up where you can see it and review it every day for when you need encouragement and reinforcement.  Tell the important people in your life about your WHY’s.  Be sure that your team knows your VISION and your WHY.  Verbalizing your business WHY’s and your personal WHY’s helps to solidify it in your mind and increases your commitment to accomplish your goals.  Everyone needs time to reflect and remind them of what is important.  When you feel things are not going quite as planned, revisit your WHY’s and it will help you to refocus, regain motivation and salvage energy to pursue a successful, fulfilling life.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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