3 Useful Strategies to Support When Dealing With ADHD

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Understanding the gift of ADHD

There is still a genuine stigma around ADHD and symptoms associated with ADHD. Many adults live with ADHD without ever being diagnosed and experience many difficulties in just about all areas of their lives. To understand that ADHD is truly a gift first you must recognize the challenging side of the disorder and how to manage that part of ADHD effectively. Start with the following three strategies to begin your journey of discovering the gift of ADHD.

3 useful strategies to support ADHD


One of the most common and most challenging traits adults with ADHD live with is lack of organization. The foundation of managing ADHD starts with creating a system for organizing all parts of your life. Divide your life into four parts: home, work, finances and fitness. Go through each part of your life and think about your biggest challenges with organization in each of these areas. Then look at what it costs you in time and money by not having organization in these areas. This is important because understanding the impact will help you motivate yourself to make the changes you need.

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The key to organization is a great system for all the tasks that are difficult for you. Get assistance, have someone close to you or hire someone to create a system of organization in these areas. You will only need to focus on maintaining the system that has been put in place for you. The key is making it a daily habit like brushing your teeth, combing your hair. When it's thought out in this way, the task becomes automatic and less overwhelming.


However, some tasks are beyond organization - they just aren’t the type of things that people with ADHD can do. This is different for every adult living with ADHD, so for those things that you cannot do or are too much of a struggle find a way to outsource to complete the tasks.

An example can be - if you find it difficult to keep your home clean because your ADHD symptoms make it a challenge for you, look into having someone come and clean your home for you. Even though this may seem like a very expensive solution, there are several different cleaning services and combinations of services that can be affordable. Using a cleaning service only once per month can help tremendously, remember the challenge is not about cleaning - it’s being overwhelmed by the work. Having someone else do that work for you starts the system of organization and then you just maintain until the next visit.

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If you’re an adult living with ADHD you should remember that it’s important to push yourself to finish projects, achieve more and celebrate your successes. Try not to over-judge yourself when you fall short of a desired goal but commit to continue and ultimately finish. This is important for you because challenging yourself helps you discover what's possible. Forgive yourself when you don’t quite hit the mark, but don’t ever stop trying. Always look for ways to do more and get better to be your best.

Start with these 3 strategies and see how it goes. If you are new to your ADHD diagnoses or if you have some of the traits associated with ADHD, it can be the difference between viewing ADHD as a curse and being able to live a most wonderful life while still having the symptoms of ADHD.

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