4 Simple Steps to Balancing Your Dreams and Responsibilities

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The key is in finding a balance

We all have responsibilities, big and small, be it children, mortgages, relationships, families or career. And I don’t think anyone’s responsibilities far outweigh the next person’s. We all have them, just in different forms. Very often they consume most of our time and energy, so we hardly find time to relax or pursue our hobbies. Does this imply that only people without responsibilities can chase their dreams? I don’t think it does.

‘Dream chasing’ is not a flight of fancy. It takes commitment, time and courage. I don’t want you to misunderstand either, it doesn’t mean you throw caution to the wind and run away from your cares. Like all things in life, it’s about balance.

We can’t use our responsibilities as an excuse not to dream chase. Nor can we use our dreams as an excuse to avoid our responsibilities. We need to assess exactly what we need in order to maintain and meet our responsibilities, keep them in check and find the time to build our dreams. Here’s what I suggest:

Step 1:

Make an honest assessment of those things you must do.

Step 2:

Now make an honest assessment of the must; are they responsibilities or excuses?

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Step 3:

Ask for help! Do you have support or can things be ‘given over’? (NB: This may mean relinquishing some kind of control)

Step 4:

Ask yourself, what can be dropped altogether? The thing about responsibilities too is that a lot of them are our choice. Can you look at the responsibilities that you have and say that you have no control over them or just how they show up in your life? I had a mortgage. I no longer have one. Scary thought for some… but are we measuring ourselves by the things that we have or our own self- worth?

Some might say: “Yeah, yeah, but what about the children?” Again: balance your own self- worth, finding help, finding the time. Perhaps it means just 15 minutes a day? Only you will know.

What do you think about it? Share your ideas with me!

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