5 positive traits adults living ADHD can celebrate

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Is there anything positive about having ADHD?

It only takes one Google search to find tons of information about the difficulties surrounding ADHD and its symptoms. Many adults who are newly diagnosed with ADHD have no idea of some of the wonderful strengths associated with ADHD. This is not to minimize the impact of some of the negative symptoms, but it’s designed to help those who have ADHD start to realize their true potential.

Take a look at these five traits associated with ADHD, think of your own experiences and see how some fit into your life. Many adults with ADHD stumble onto their strengths; many adults have such low self-esteem as a result of this disorder that they don’t realize they have these strengths. They view them as accidents or lucky breaks but not skills that are associated with having ADHD.

5 positive traits of adults with ADHD

1. Adaptability

Adult living with ADHD are natural at following the current as it flows and adapting to whatever the situation is. Adaptability is an important strength to have. Many times those living with ADHD learn to adjust to situations or modify their behaviors depending on their surroundings.

While many people struggle with this, those with ADHD find the change a welcome relief to what could have been perceived as mundane or boring. Adults with ADHD look for ways to experience new and exciting adventures so being able to adapt is part of the process.

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2. Imagination

Daydreaming may seem like something children do, but those living with ADHD are masters at it. On the outside, it may seem like a useless skill to have, but when put into perspective being imaginative is incredibly valuable. If the person living with ADHD is in the right workspace, it could mean the difference between being the worst employee (accounting) or the best employee (web design).

3. Entrepreneurial nature

Looking at the first two strengths it makes perfect sense that adults living with ADHD are natural-born entrepreneurs. They need to be in control of their own destiny, not reporting to a strict boss that requires strict rules. Being the captain of their own ship is for them most desirable.

So having ADHD makes people fine candidates to be the owner of their own business. It’s important to note that not many businesses can be launched by only one person, so entrepreneurs with ADHD must make sure that they establish all the resources, hire the right people to help outsource all the tedious work and make sure that you have a system in place for operations before you begin.

4. Hopefulness

This is kind of a foreshadowing of the next trait we will discuss, but it’s one of the most important adherent traits anyone can have. The ability to find hope in any situation is one of the best qualities anyone can have. Importantly, it’s the second nature to individuals living with ADHD. Part of having a mind wired this way means there is always another way, there’s always hope. That combined with the other traits is part of the equation of confidence for someone living with ADHD.

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5. Problem-solving skills

As mentioned in the last section adults living with ADHD know there’s always a solution to a problem. The difference between adults living with ADHD and others is that individuals with ADHD will look for the solution believing that everything can be a challenge. Therefore, they are ready to hunt for the answers we need to accomplish whatever task that is in front of them. Since being naturally curious they ask lots of questions and as a result store lots of answers, so the process of solving problems becomes easier and faster for those living with ADHD.


So if you are an adult living with ADHD or you are newly diagnosed, remember these five traits are your natural gifts. When you cultivate and grow those gifts, it will make your existing with ADHD a lot easier. Mastering these strengths will also give you the opportunity to dream bigger and do more.

Do you know any more advantages that come with ADHD? Let me know in the comments!

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