5 Secrets to Find Happiness

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Are you happy?

In today’s world of stressful conditions, we are stuck in chaos, competing with ourselves or others’ expectations of us rigorously. Superficially, we might appear to be relaxed and happy but deep down, are we?

In reality, the quest to find happiness is extremely tough. Being happy depends upon many factors and it is very difficult to maintain in the longer term. First of all, it is important to ask yourself:  are you truly happy with your professional as well as personal life?

Often, we acquire labels in our professional as well as personal life. For example, someone might be working in a bank and be labeled as being great with numbers. However, they might be unhappy as a banker and instead they could dream of being an English teacher.

It is the first, fundamental step to truly understand who you really are and who do you want to be. As a result, you can approach your problems with a different perspective by knowing your real end goal in mind.

Achieve harmony in different areas of your life

After all, we all have our dream life. A life where we want to find happiness and have our needs and desires fulfilled. However, there are many aspects of life which we have to juggle at the same time to make that dream a reality: family, friends, work, hobbies… It all depends upon how we balance all those areas.

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If all these aspects are coexisting harmoniously, you will be able to flourish with happiness. However, it is often challenging to achieve, because of tremendous pressure within our societies. We have been affected by external environment like society’s expectations or labels, which in turn are spoiling our happiness.

4 secrets to find happiness

1. Define your dreams

It is important to know the direction in which you are going. Try and write down goals relating to six areas of your life: finance, relationships, health, career, family and spirit. Think of what you want to achieve in each area in the next 5 years.

By knowing your ultimate goals, you can break them down into objectives to be achieved in shorter term, for instance in 3 months. By achieving these bitesize tasks you will remain motivated to stay on your journey to find happiness.

2. Help others

It is true that by giving, you receive. When I work with clients, it is indescribable experience to see them thrive and accomplish their dreams. If you play a part in others’ happiness, it will help to make you happy too. Perhaps you could buy a coffee for a homeless man, donate your unused items to charity or simply compliment someone.  

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3. Eat healthy

There is a Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sanowhich means “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. If you take care of what you eat, you will feel better. For example, try to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet or introduce wholemeal products. You don’t have to undertake a rigorous diet. Simply follow the basic rules of healthy eating and you will notice a boost in your happiness.

4. Don't be scared of failure

Failure is a part of success. It is crucial to acknowledge that fact. When defeats happen, instead of complaining and demotivating yourself, it is better to look at them objectively and analyse what went wrong. Learning to deal with failures is a skill that will help you to find happiness through experience.

5. Find a Life Coach

Sometimes it might be difficult to find your life purpose even despite having all the steps clearly outlined. However, that doesn’t mean that you are destined to spend your life searching for what makes you happy. A qualified, professional coach can guide you to find happiness. By supporting you in finding what you truly want, the coach will equip you with proven strategies to make sure your journey is fruitful and you can progress independently.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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