5 Simple Techniques to Use Music for Healing

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The day came when I was searching for some motivating tool to refresh myself and that one was “music”!  Before you go ahead and read this article, play some favorite music and then start reading. I am sure impact will be awesome if you will do this!

“Experience is a good teacher” – it’s a universal quote; but how enriching we are making that experience does matter a lot. 

Till the time I did not know that music has that strength to make our life more beautiful, I was just listening to it to kill time. However, one day there was a revelation that music is an activity which heals you upside down. It was twenty years back when being a musician I had this realization. Later, several experimentations made my life where there were lot of conclusions which I drew for my own life and I want to put them in front of you which will be useful for your professional as well as personal life.

5 techniques to make music a healing power

1. Learn to appreciate music irrespective of you being an artist

This is very important aspect which I realized when I did my first lecture in one institution and then kind of feedback I received from students was overwhelming. Appreciation changes your outlook as a person and if you appreciate music it changes your expressional quality being human because then you become more matured in responding to each and every incident that way where the music within you does not let you cross the limits while dealing with any professional or personal situations.

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2. Handle your mood swings by listening to the soft music

We all are human beings and we are not perfect. We can’t maintain constant control throughout our life at every step. Due to this fact, there’s a need to listen to your inner voice at every stage and when there is an opportunity it becomes imperative to know what your inner voice is saying. Also our behavior does not always respond to situations as expected and because of this fact, if we attach ourselves to some soft music, it will start working on our mindfulness indirectly and there will be a situation when your mind will start responding to certain situations progressively well.

3. Listen to some cheerful music at least once in a day for at least half an hour

When I used to work in professional organizations, there was one organization where musical system was installed and every morning the administration department used to make people listen to some cheerful instrumental music while working and it helped people a lot in increasing their productivity. In addition to that, I could see that enthusiasm was getting sustained among people while dealing with different issues in the organization. Of course, the results were gradual but this enduring impact was so lovable to experience once it got settled down at one point and then it continued forever.

4. Dance with the music at home or in seclusion or in groups once in a week

This becomes a vital process in life where dancing to some great music in the background makes your bodily occurrences more vigilant where healthiness is felt. Also our mindfulness gets tremendous power to confront variety of situations and hence dancing along with music makes person increasing his or her tenacity in life. In many of my sessions, I have actually sung some inspirational songs and it has worked as a booster for the people attending my sessions.

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5. Understand own and someone else’s music of mind

Once we are ready to appreciate music in our life, then we can start the process of appreciating other’s music and gradually the state comes where empathetic musical state of mind becomes very natural for the person and due to that emotional intelligence gets enhanced. Emotional intelligence is a need of the hour in professional areas nowadays because of the stress we are hovering around and so one will have to start assuming that barring all negatives, there are musical masterminds who are around us and giving us lot of energy to get inspired and to make life more cherishing.

I have experienced this when I have said in my lectures that I am happy to meet many musical minds out here today. This one statement has made people talk to me with some kind of cosmic connectivity and then the session has reached its peak because of openness people had due to such statements.

Bringing it all together

Believe me all above strategies work phenomenally well if you can understand the severity of all the five aspects mentioned here. Music is ubiquitous and one has to just accommodate himself or herself with music and that is the only requirement. I have seen people getting changed because of that.

Do you use music for healing? Let me know in the comments!

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