5 Tips on How to Listen from Your Heart

listen from your heart

Are you able to you truly listen?

Listening with our full attention is one of the most important coaching tools and skills we learn to use as coaches. How we listen and from what place we listen, can have a profound impact on ourselves, the coaching relationship, our clients and the outcome of the coaching session. One way to strengthen our relationship with our client is to practice listening from our heart.

Learning to listen from the center of our hearts can be a life changing and transformative experience. When we silence our minds, set a clear intention to drop our attention from our busy mind into our heart, open up our heart chakra and listen from that space we will be more in tune and contact with qualities and emotions such as: compassion, acceptance and understanding. So how can we drop from our mind to our heart and stay present during the coaching session?

5 tips to inspire you to listen from your heart

1. Relax and center yourself before the session

Before the session take a few minutes to center yourself. Do whatever feels right for you to come in a peaceful, relaxed and centered space. For example, you could do this short meditation. Sit by yourself, back straight, and relax your whole body. When you inhale, repeat "I am" and when you exhale, say "love". Imagine you breathe in a golden ball of light into the center of your heart. Let this golden ball of light expand until it fills every cell of your body and surrounds your whole energy field. Relax and let go of disturbing thoughts when you exhale.  Continue for a minute or as long as it feels good.

2. Set a clear intention to open your heart

Energy follows intention. By setting a clear intention before the coaching session to let go of your mind, you send a clear message that will color and impact the session. 

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3. Open up your heart with imagery

Imagine a rose inside your heart that is opening up its beautiful petals. Imagine this rose expanding and getting larger and larger. Imagine your heart opening up and experience feelings of gratitude, love and compassion. If you need some help think of a situation in which you felt grateful, appreciative or loved. Allow yourself to sit and fully experience those soul-nourishing feelings and emotions. When you come back to reality try to keep your heart open, compassionate and aware when coaching your client.

4. What is the most loving thing to do?

This is a powerful question, which I often use during coaching sessions to help my clients gain valuable insights from their body and heart wisdom.

What is the most precious gift you can give to yourself, the client and coaching relationship? What is the most loving thing you can do for your client? Your sacred, heart-centered presence alone will have a huge impact on you, your client as well as the outcome of the session.

5. Stay center in your heart center during the session

Every time you notice that you are back in you chattering mind, with distracting thoughts, deliberately return your awareness to the center of your heart. You could picture a magnet inside your heart that draws you away from your mind back into your heart. Feel how good it feels to let go of your thoughts and the busy mind for a while and live inside your heart. You can also return to your breath – breathe in love and golden light to your heart. End the session by thanking yourself, your heart and the client for this beautiful experience and deeply healing and nourishing opportunity to practice coaching from your open heart space. Yes, you can start experiencing how liberating and nurturing it feels to let go of the mind and rest inside your heart. You always have the choice to return to your precious thoughts after the session even though you might not want to.

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Benefits from listening with your heart

There are wonderful benefits that come from listening with you heart. You might feel more relaxed, present, centered and be able to listen with more compassion, empathy and understanding. You might feel more fulfilled and able to form a stronger connection with your client.

The client will likely feel and respond positively at your loving presence and the session will flow with more ease and grace. Another wonderful benefit is that you can access your intuition in the present moment and be able to read your client, ask the right powerful questions in the right time and be more patient, understanding and feel more alive when your heart is open.


Listening from your heart can have a transformative impact for you as a coach as well as for your client and the coaching relationship. When you listen from another deeper level of your soul and heart you will speak more slowly and trust your intuition to ask the right powerful questions in divine right timing. You will stay mindful, curious and aware of what is going on moment by moment and following the flow of the session, dancing intimately with your client. Trust is built more easily.

Embrace this sacred practice as a gift with a curious and open mind. See what happens next time you coach. You might be surprised! To silence our minds and listen with our hearts with full awareness, compassion and unconditional love is maybe the most important and transformative gift we can cultivate and give to ourselves, the clients and the world. It will greatly benefit everyone as we are all connected. 

Have you experienced listening fully from your heart? Drop a comment below!

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