5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

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Do you fail to achieve your goals? Take time to “digest”

There are so many wonderful things to do, be and have in life. The possibilities are endless and there is a countless number of paths we can take in life. As a result, it is easy to become overwhelmed trying to constantly achieve more and more.

One day, I spoke with a friend who recognized that the perfect rhythm of her life is to have plenty of time to “digest” an experience she had. That allowed her to get the full “nourishment” that from the event, interaction or particular state of being that was created.

With so many possibilities, it is easy to say yes to too many things and to not take the time needed to “digest”. When this happens, you are often left hungry and dissatisfied. Then, you could take on more and more activities and objectives only to still feel hungry.

Falling into this vicious circle is not hard and people often end up chasing their goals and dreams without taking a break. Most of them fail to pause for a moment after achieving a goal, appreciating their hard work and just living the moment. As a result, they miss out on an extremely gratifying feeling that is a source of great motivation. Furthermore, they fail to evaluate their life in terms of what they want to achieve and absent-mindedly take on more and more.

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Take a pause and limit the number of your goals

It is easy to fall into a trance from the barrage of influences, not only culturally, but familial and social as well. However, if you pause to ask ourselves what truly excites you, has meaning or is important, you will no longer desire to chase empty goals endlessly. You can establish what you really want in life and focus on achieving your goals.

By stepping out of this milieu and asking the deeper questions, you develop an intimacy with yourself that can be quite profound. You start to tune into the longing in your hearts that has often been buried by all of the outside voices, and instead begin to hear the still, small voice inside that is very clear about what would nourish and fulfill you.

However, this requires courage. You need to take a stand for what is important and for what holds meaning for you and the courage to live your life accordingly. Small, baby steps are essential – the more you reorient in the direction of your real needs and wants, the stronger and more able you will become to keep going in that direction.

5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

1. Establish your priorities

Take a moment and filter out the things that are really important to you. It can be anything – your family, your career, staying healthy or simple things like playing an instrument. When you know what you truly want, you can start working to attract opportunities and narrowing down your plan of action.

2. Write your goals down

After you establish your priorities and learn what you want to achieve, put your goals on paper. When they are written down, it will be easier for you to make adjustments to them. It is essential to be flexible in your planning as with time you will have new ideas and different resources.

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3. Keep it in bite-size pieces

One of the important things that will make it more likely for you to achieve your goals is to break them up into smaller, easier parts. For example, instead of spending a year trying to save $4,000 in a year, aim to save $300 in January, $400 in February etc. That will increase your motivation through tangible results and make it more likely for you to stay on track to achieve your bigger goal.

4. Tell others

If you tell other people around you that you are committing to accomplishing an objective, it will make you accountable to them. You will work harder in order to keep to your promise made publicly.

5. Track your progress

Noting down your journey towards a goal will enable you to look back and analyse your progress. You will be able to evaluate what you have done well and establish areas of improvement to increase efficiency to achieve your goals.

Do you agree with my strategies or maybe you have better ideas for successful goal accomplishment? Let me know in the comments!

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