5 Ways to Become Extraordinary

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How to be extraordinary?

Being extraordinary is something that only a small amount of people achieve. Extraordinary means achieving your potential, fulfilling your dreams and living a satisfying life. To achieve this, you need to put more work than the ‘ordinary’ people.

It’s really not that difficult to live an extraordinary life. All you need to concentrate on is doing 10% more than those around you. That little bit extra in the following areas.

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5 Steps to Be Extraordinary

1. Dream big

There are two very important steps you must undertake when dreaming

  • Say yes to the dream - nowadays, many people are afraid to dream. We are told it’s childish, unrealistic and we should get on with the ‘real’ world. Often, people give up on their dreams and take on many responsibilities such as career and family. This gives an illusion that they don’t have time to dream. That’s false. Even if you are a busy person, keep dreaming. Is there anything you really want to do, to achieve? Find that thing and focus on it. The key is in finding work-life balance so you can pursue your dream whilst standing up to your responsibilities.
  • Understand that you deserve it – do you think that you don’t deserve to dream? That’s not true. We, humans, have all the same value and we all deserve to be happy. Acknowledge that fact and keep pursuing your dreams!

2. Learn & grow

Invest your time and money into learning and growing yourself. Attend seminars, read books, create new habits. There are endless ways to grow yourself and learn new things. Do you dream of travelling the world? Learn a new language. Do you want to step up your career? Do a professional online course. Do you desire having more time for your hobbies? Read a book about successful time management.

3. Taking action

Doing 10% more than everyone else will propel you out in front – that might sound like not much, but it can really make a difference!

  • Stretch your comfort zone – feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable. Meet new people, network, do public speaking or whatever puts you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Make sacrifices – you have to be clear on that – being extraordinary will require you making sacrifices. You might have to sleep less, wake up early, work harder. Being extraordinary doesn’t come easy.
  • Take the opportunitiesif you will work hard, you will make opportunities. Also there will be some other opportunities coming your way. Watch out for them and use them to your advantage!

4. Interact with others

It is by helping and serving others first that you will be rewarded in return. Help, coach and support others whenever you can and you will quickly see the returns in your life.

5. Live with Passion

Celebrate every win that happens no matter how small and be extremely grateful for them. Learn to appreciate the moment and put your heart into everything that you are doing.

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