5 Ways to Keep Human Values Intact

What are human values?

Human values are becoming the centre of focus in the current world of affairs and it’s the result of stressful conditions people are increasingly immersed in. Admittedly, there’s nothing to talk about human values because we are far superior to animals. However, there’s everything to talk about it due to the hype which has been observed in the society nowadays and because of many factors including professionally competitive stress everyone has! 

Value can be measured by putting some equivalent tool for the same but human. This word has infinite parameters where fixing it in a rigid structure is more than crucial but then looking at its severity one will need to maintain certain values with grace in this comparative world. 

According to me, “human value” and its extension is as follows:

HUMAN- Harmonised Uniqueness Managing Aspiring Nomenclatures

VALUE- Valour Authenticity Lucrative Ubiquitous Enduring/Evolving

Every letter in “value” and its meaning as per my conviction is:

Valour: Emotional intelligence. One needs that brave approach to use E.Q. at every step.

Authenticity: One's identity is very important in this competitive world.

Lucrative: Gaining social momentum

Ubiquitous: Creating one's existence in such a way where it will be a known entity

Enduring/Evolving: Continuously impacting by virtues/ establishing good impressions and memories to cherish where brand as an entity will be recognised. 

5 ways to keep your human values intact

To keep up with the above aspects wherever we go, we can have the following five tools to keep human values intact:

1. Gratitude expression

It’s important to express gratitude at all times because we cannot be sure how the relations will turn out to be professionally or personally in life! Whenever we meet anybody in life in any part of the globe, it’s important to be respectful because people observe people and this process will never end.

2. Self-motivation and motivating others

It’s vital to have self-motivation because without that one cannot remain energetic in life and his or her vision will not get shaped up the way it’s expected.

Secondly, motivating others will most probably be a source of satisfaction because the person who motivates will be remembered due to the quality of motivating somebody! It’s imperative to have this activity in life for the welfare of the society. Also don’t forget we are humans and a part of the same society irrespective of in which part of the world we live. 

3. Extend help whenever there is an opportunity where your exact potentials will be utilised

We all have some unique qualities and the man is known by those qualities only. Albert Einstein was not a good looking person but his heart and brain was so beautiful that his quotes are still cherished by everyone.

It’s said that every moment is an opportunity and if we grab some of the opportunities to help people by some or other way by utilising our potential qualities, the universal energy will surely trigger your enthusiasm to become a noble personality in the world.  In our professional or personal lives, there’s a certain opportunity of similar kind but we tend to ignore it many times. In nature, everyone is selfish but to keep the human value intact this act will change the periphery of the humanity as a concept. 

4. Empathy

This aspect is indirectly related to human values. However, in professional world where everyone is stressed, apparently empathetic nature is going to benefit several groups and the same way personal life will also have its positive reflections. This, in turn, will keep humanity alive. That’s because people will realise that identifying someone's mindfulness at particular time was as important as identifying the indication of tsunami or storm or flood or such calamities which ruin the nature.

The same is the case with human being. Empathy is playing a greater role and it will be in coming days because it has become a need for the person who goes through a critical stage of life. Jesus Christ or even Lord Shrikrishna had this empathetic elegance in their personality and due to that they were Godly images and idols of many!

5. Be a part of somebody's happy feeling and share happiness from within to celebrate

Ultimately why we live and why we survive are the two contradictory but at the same time equally essential questions of life and the answer is to attain the state of happiness which is not in any material thing. And hence sharing somebody's happiness increases the gravity of the same by millions and it should be at every stage of life when we meet people from variety of religions. Eventually one will surely realise that everyone survives for happiness and human value is the only religion which will be secured through happiness and the greatness of this concept.

One should celebrate every moment – celebrating happiness is like forgetting all negative points and only focusing on qualities of some person due to which he or she becomes the ideal for his or her own life. All spiritual doctrines ultimately speak about happiness where nothing should bother us and not even this externally eclipsed world full of illusions. 

The importance of human values

Human values nowadays need lot of overhauling and repairing because of over expectations, unnecessary desires, egoism, and attitudinal problems. I think the above 5 ways are the means to escape from all sheer barriers of one's complex mind where even he or she will get rid of all those perplexed situations of life which make life miserable. Celebrate humanity.....give value to it and salute to human because value had been given to the person after he was termed as human and he or she was born on this earth! 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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