Dealing With Stress: How to Cope With The Stormy Seas of Stress

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How do you get stress today? The financial crisis, the political process and the general chaos of life can upset people who are dealing with stress. You may be tightening your belts until there are no more notches. You may be bombarded with overwhelming and negative predictions. Summer is almost over and the recession forecast tells we are slowly rising out of the gloom and worry. Until then, here are four easy stress relieving ways for you to take control of your life and lead yourself away from the causes of stress and tension!

1. Take action to stop the cause of stress
Turn off the television, flip that switch. Turn down the flow of random information. We are inundated with every accident, every problem and every crisis that has and is occurring in the world - a tsunami of information. The media hooks our attention with alarming sound bites. We have been sensitized to negative, scary events to the point of overload. Sort it out. Stop imagining bad things happening to you. Think about NOW and just be. You will see an immediate effect.

2. Clear the decks to reduce stress
Take a few minutes each morning and every evening to calm your inner dialogue prevent any building stress and tension. Cleanse your mind. Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and visualize that tranquil beach scene or your own private retreat. Exhale. Feel the physical changes in your body. Do it purposely and slowly

stress management, how to cope with stress, dealing with stress

3. Improve your own energy to avoid stress and tension
Spend some of your energy on yourself. Eat food that makes you thrive and feel better. Move and appreciate your body. Laugh often and enjoy what you are doing while you live in the present. Take care of yourself. Sleep just enough and well. Refresh your mind and body. All of these simple habits can help when dealing with stress!

4. Reduce by choosing how you feel
Think about how do you get stress? Think about what you can control? Focus on your circle of influence and fine tune your circle of concern. Concentrate on your actions in the world. You make a difference on an individual level. Interact with integrity and truth. Choose how to feel. Decide where your resources – time, money and energy – will go.

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