Go Get It! 6 Simple Ways to Perfect Your Job Interview Technique

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Are you ready for a new career or an internal promotion? Here are 6 tips on how you can impress those interviewers!

1. Dress For The Part

One of my favorite clichés is “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.”  Unfortunately what you look like is another person’s first impression of you, so you should take care to wear appropriate business attire that fits and flatters you. Make sure your hair is neat and that you give off a look of well-maintained confidence.

2. Do Your Research

When you step into an interview, one of the most impressive things you can do is show that you know about the company; what they do, their culture, their mission statement, a little bit of history even. Take some mental notes and when you get to your interview work some of your knowledge into your answers.  You may get lucky, a lot of job interviews nowadays start with “So what do you know about us?” This is your opportunity to show them that you’ve done your research! Knowing this information shows your potential employer that you have initiative, that you are honestly interested in the company and the position.

Job Interview Tips, Career Coaching, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory

3. Be Grateful

After an interview, always try to send a thank-you note. This reinforces to the potential employer your interest in the job. You can also use this opportunity to address any questions or concerns that may have come up.

4. Be Polite

Employers find interpersonal skills very important. This may be common sense, but it really does please the interviewer. Stay relaxed and interact with the interviewer and show off your great inter-personal skills.

5. Arrive Early

Arriving to your interview early gives you the opportunity to interact and connect with the interviewers and shows your keen interest in the job. Ask them about their time at the company, their specific role in the company and so on.

Job Interview Tips, Career Coaching, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory

6. Show Your Interest

It will be harder for the interviewers to say “no” to you if you’re the person the most excited about the job.

Job interviews can be stressful, but as much as the fear of judgment, rejection and the change that will come with a new position may want to keep you from attempting, do not let it! If it will better you, your family or your situation, go for it! You’ve got as good a chance as anyone else. One thing people always regret is not trying, as then they are left to wonder for the rest of their lives, “what if”.

Ensure you follow these six job interview tips to find a more success when approaching future job interviews. 

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