How Many Friends Do You Have Today? Making Relationships Matter

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How many friends did you have in your life? Along our journey we go through life experiences, and meet people from many different avenues daily. We keep in touch with some of them and never really drop out of each other’s lives, whilst with some friends we may never see again. With such possibilities I have been wondering if it is important when and where we became friends.

Did you know that when you grow up with people, even though you may have disappeared from their life for years, as soon as you meet again it is like you never left them? I was not aware about that fact as I am today. This happened to me and it was like magic. I am still thinking about the miracle since it definitely changed my life. It has been like a safe place from which I have been able to see that life still exists with elements of yesteryears.  

It showed up as a missing link, connecting with my identity. Oh yes!! It totally worked like that and it blew me away for days trying to find that meaning. A very rewarding experience I will never forget and will value in my heart forever. And I would have never been able to say that, before going through the experience myself as I did, not long time ago.

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Some friends come and go from our life. Many years ago, I met a friend from a training course in a different country where I travelled. The first time we met, we were both at the same place, walking our journey, beginning our career. We both had dreams and desires. We both wanted to build projects and grow in our life. This was years ago. When we met again, after a long period of time, we were not at that same place. Our journeys were not the same. I realize today, that even though we all have paradigms, some of us work on them while others don´t. The reasons may be many. It is when we believe in those paradigms, that we keep stacked in one place waiting for the miracle to happen not taking action and responsibility about our own life. 

Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory, Reconnect, Friends, Meaningful Relationships

Things never ever happen overnight and there is a lot of work to do as soon as we make a decision on a topic. After the decision is made, comes a plan, and together with it, a strategy has to be created! I am sure many people work very hard. So, why is it that some people achieve things and others don´t. What makes the difference? Why some people reach their goals, dreams and desires and others are unable?

The difference is the mind set of each person around us. There will be people that believe in each and every paradigm they hear, so they live with fear and are unable to move or walk forward in life. It is only when you believe you can achieve something that you will get to your destination. When you know and feel deep inside your being that you deserve something, you will get to reach that something. Due to the reason that you are finally able to feel the vibration of the right energy, it will start attracting that unique something and the manifestation will happen in your life. When you let the circumstances manage your life instead of you managing the circumstances, you will always see obstacles in the road, and these obstacles block your manifestation.

Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory, Reconnect, Friends, Meaningful Relationships

Think about it, meditate and design a plan and a strategy to reach your destination with certainty, knowing all the benefits you will receive after understanding how to manifest those desires. This is not about how old you are. This is about dreams and desires. This is about your ability to discover your life purpose. This has no age, there is no restriction, and as soon as you take action and work on your new mindset your life will change forever and you will never again be the same.

I told my friend, the reason why he was unable to buy the car he wanted: was his mindset since he believed in scarcity instead of abundance and he believed in paradigms that were blocking his ability to manifest the car he wanted to have?

Today he made the decision, created a plan and strategy and he is working on developing a new mind set, understanding that he is the only one to define and manifest his destination!

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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