How to Feel Better About Yourself and Your Life

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I invite you to follow this condensed guide or course by being conscious of the type of thinking and perspective that will influence outcomes in your life, on an hourly and daily basis. Apply each one, one by one, or be bold and apply more than one and see the magnificent results.

If you manage to focus on all or reach out for help to focus on as many as possible, there is no limit to how your life will turn around in multiple ways. This guide is just a trickle in the whole package of how you may redesign your life and enjoy the river of overflow that will begin to happen.

In today’s world, you cannot afford to stand by and watch what will happen next. I am sure that you know that and that’s why so many are so fearful and why so many withdraw into negative habits. Things are changing rapidly and are coming at you from every angle, and you have to be prepared and confident in your approach and reactions. That is why I chose Global Life Transition Coaching as my niche years ago. I could see the torrent of challenges coming for everyone in different areas of their lives, and needing more than just natural reasoning but rather supernatural mastership.

your24hcoach, life coaching directory, International coaching community

How to Design Your Life Naturally in a Supernatural Way

Designing your live naturally is what you are meant to do. We might not all have the same talents but we are all equipped with the same abilities, as far as our thinking power. Most of us have made this power dormant rather than the most active. At least, most of us have only activated the negative thinking power and completely ignored the intuitive and dynamic life-changing aspect. That is the aspect connected with the supernatural source of all good.  

What is wonderful is that we can each move to another level in our thinking and ultimately to another level in our achievement and satisfaction with life. What is even more wonderful is that this movement does not have to take time or have the right space or location or anything else. It can all happen in an instant as well as manifest in a radically different form than we expect. This is really a spiritual approach to living and not an approach based on what you see, touch, hear and call ‘reality’.

My pleasure to introduce the basics to you and your job to seek to learn more and practice them as regularly as possible, especially when you find yourself, as you will, reverting to the opposite and counter-productive way of thinking and speaking.

Let’s begin... Here are daily affirmations for you. 

  • I know that I am whole from head to toe, inside out

  • I embrace a new level of thinking, regardless of circumstances

  • I receive cleansing and healing every day, for mind and body

  • I attract sudden inflow and turnarounds in my life at all times

  • I speak overflow into existence by being grateful for all I have

  • I breathe through pain and breathe wellness into my being

  • I gravitate toward abundant life stored up in advance for me

  • I follow the cues that my thinking is producing the best for me

  • I see myself as complete and acceptable to the Creator

  • I am led to serve others even at long distance. I am a gift to them

  • My life positively affects others whom I embrace and love daily

  • I accept myself and know that I deserve the very best in my life

your24hcoach, life coaching directory, International coaching community

Once you embrace even a fraction of the above, you have already moved to another level. You have removed some of the toxic energy holding you back or slowing you down. Just be sure not to lose sight of your new vision. You will find that you will want to add other statements of your own to the list, because you are beginning to take charge of your new life. 

Do everything in your power to keep that higher perspective alive and continuously renew, revise, review and redesign your life and career. As I often say: Re-scripting never ends. 

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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