How to Find the Perfect Work-Life Balance

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You actually wanted to do sport, but the company mobile phone has not stopped ringing. Then you wanted meet old friends, but a customer appointment came up. Then the romantic evening you planned with your loved one had to be cancelled because there were too many emails to answer.  We are all familiar with these situations and the constant battle that goes on in our head as we think we have to do it all as career driven professionals.

The term “Work-Life-Balance” has become statement of the moment! There is an increasing pressure in the working world, especially for entrepreneurs and executives to be their best professional selves at all times; which leaves little space for personal time. Without this sufficient balance, many find themselves in mental constraints and even physical pains to a point that it leaves them with a burn-out. So, the question arises how can we create a space in our lives that can allow us to have that right balance of company, work, and leisure?

What is Work – Life – Balance?  

This term describes the balance between job family, social activity and leisure including time for yourself.  Let’s concentrate on the health impact of work life balance. The cost of healthcare worldwide has been skyrocketing and healthcare systems are stretched to a brink trying to deal with this. Particularly, mental disease has shown a rapid incline, this being further impacted by the working environment the person is exposed to. Therefore preventive measures have to be implemented: organisations have to actively work to improve the health of their employees. The sustainability of these effects is only possible if the measures taken are able to remain in the structures of the company.

Work Life Balance, Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Your24hCoach, Executive Coaching

4 Areas

A perfect work-life-balance is made of 4 components:

Work: the biggest component, covers approx. 60-80% and whereas the performance aspect is in the foreground.

Health: this includes physical and emotional well-being, fitness, nutrition, recreation and relaxation

Relationships: this area includes family, contacts and friendships. A signal for neglect is cynicism, cocooning and irritability in our communication behaviour.

Sense and values: this most humble component will only appear, if excessive demands threaten: What is all this? Why do I do this? What is the sense of all of this? etc. It is important, to keep all areas in balance. If one or more areas are disregarded, the danger of excessive demand may arise.

Operational Level

With the optimization of the organisation place and its working processes the employees can see a significant improvements; this being further supported by investments in social areas such as opportunities for further education, active offer of support and promotion of social relations. All this has been proven to show multiple positive health impacts! The additional benefits this brings to the company is the main motivator for employers to start being consciously aware of the way in which the business operates.

Individual Level

Entrepreneurs and executives are exposed to multiple challenges. To highlight the topic health to the employees, it is suggested that the leader of the organisation should become a role model for fellow staff members. The extension of the existing resources in the physical, mental and psychological areas includes e.g. also the learning of relaxation techniques, stress management and healthy nutrition.

Work Life Balance, Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Your24hCoach, Executive Coaching

How Much is Yourself Worth?

Recognition, appreciation and self-respect starts deep within yourself! Act as a role model! Also in this area applies the wisdom: “Responsibility is not only for that what you do, but also for what you don‘t do.”

Small Steps

Take a piece of paper to make notes of what would happen if you continue the way you have been living so far. Do you find that the negatives outweigh the positives if you go ahead as usual? Take everything in consideration. From health problems to family affairs. Once you are conscious of the negative effects, you have a good start in which you can implement positive changes that can create more of a balance in your life.

Nothing has to happen overnight. Consider where in life you can change something in the future to strengthen the weaker areas of your life. For instance in the future you do sports together with friends or your partner, you can even strengthen two life areas at once. Don‘t delay it till tomorrow! Begin today to find the right work life balance for you!

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