How to Notice Your Stress Triggers and De-stress?

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Stress has always existed but it’s more prevalent and problematic now than it ever has been before. The way we live our lives has changed more over the past 20 years than the 300 before that. Digital information technology has created dramatic change in the lives of modern man, and the fast pace of life we live now leaves little time to relax, switch off, or adjust to these changes. We’re expected to be contactable 24/7, we’re expected to do things faster and better, many people are expected to continue working from home after they leave their job in the evening.

All of these factors place a considerable amount of pressure on the average person every day. On top of that, we have a number of universal stressors such as global financial insecurity, climate change, nuclear weapons and the threat of war hanging over our heads and being reported by the media at all times. Due to the many causes of stress It is important to be able to notice your stress triggers. 

Remember that we’ve evolved to respond to other people’s pain or distress. Every time we read an article or watch the news covering another person’s misfortune, whether it affects us directly or not, it’ll stimulate a little rush of adrenaline (the major stress hormone) into our system. 

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Stress is probably related to 99% of the problems that a hypnotherapist will see in one form or another. Some people present with panic attacks, others will present with the need to stop smoking, for example, and realize that stress plays a major role in their addiction.

Hypnotic treatment for stress & anxiety

There are hundreds of different ways to tackle these issues and every client will endure their own type of stress and respond to it in their own way.

Undue stress can often be stimulated over and over by an internal battle with certain limiting self-beliefs. Pretty much everyone will have a core belief that limits their potential or stifles their creativity in some way. Sadly, a thing that psychologists call the confirmation bias – which is essentially the natural human desire to be right – means that once we hold a limiting belief at our core (“I’m stupid/ugly/unlovable” etc), we’ll not only encounter more things in our environment that prove this to be so, but we’ll actually go looking for the evidence of our ugliness/stupidness etc.

These negative self-beliefs can easily be hidden from the conscious mind, and paradoxically our reaction to them can actually make us appear to believe the polar opposite of the limiting belief itself. 

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How to de-stress?

For example, let’s say someone has the limiting belief that they are not good enough that resulted from their mother’s unthinking demonstration of her disappointment over a poor grade being achieved at school. Now, that child could react in one of two ways: they could say to themselves “I’m no good, I might as well stop trying” and grow up to be a chronic under-achiever. On the other hand, they could react against the parental message by saying “I am good enough, I’m going to prove you wrong!” This child will be likely to grow up to be a competitive, over-achiever.

On the face of things, he’ll be great at everything and be surrounded by evidence of his success. However, he’s unlikely to be satisfied by any of his successes because no matter what he achieves, he will still hold the belief at his core that he’s not good enough. As a result, he’ll keep pushing and striving in a perpetual state of stress. If this stress surpasses his personal threshold for the handling of stress, he may begin to experience panic attacks. Being a high achiever of this kind is the equivalent to being a fast runner simply because you have a tiger chasing you down, and it’s not a pleasant way to exist.

The above is just one way that stress could develop for someone, and your experience could be completely different. However, hopefully it gives you an idea of how much deeper this type of issue can run than simply the fact that you’re working long hours for little pay, it is always very important to notice your stress triggers. It also means that thanks to a simple reframing process, things that used to cause stress could simply cease to do so (in a similar way to how a phobia can be resolved).

Once such limiting beliefs have been reframed or cleared, the individual can open up enormous numbers of possibilities to themselves that previously seemed out of reach. Put simply, this type of work can allow people to be the best possible versions of themselves, and to enjoy doing so. 

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