How to Plan for Success and Prevent Self-Sabotage in 3 Easy Steps

How to Plan for Success, Prevent Self-Sabotage, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory

It’s no secret that most of us spend too much time thinking before we move into action. When most of us think or talk about doing something, we call that activity ‘planning’. I’ve written a lot about the virtues of planning correctly, so let’s look at some ways to ensure that your plan is successful!

3 Rules of Planning

1.    Your plan must not be set in stone

An inflexible plan is blind to feedback. That’s a bit like driving at the speed limit on the motorway, despite the upcoming traffic jam. Disaster. It’s a good idea to keep your plan as flexible as possible, in case circumstances change or anything goes wrong!

2.    Your plan must be more about your outcome than the means of achieving it

Again, this is a statement of flexibility. If you’re thoroughly sold on a particular route, it can blind you to other – easier – ways of getting there.

3.    Your plan must embrace the possibility of failure and redesign

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned them. If your plan is outcome-based and principle-based, it’s easy to redesign into a working plan as you go along. Then you don’t need to stop for downtime and analysis – and this avoids the discouragement that often comes with stopping.

How to Plan for Success, Prevent Self-Sabotage, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory

In short, the key is flexibility, flexbility, flexibility. The principle to keep in mind is this – an adaptable plan will help to guarantee that you succeed! Here is a step-by-step process to successful planning: Set your outcome, gather relevant principles and start to evolve courses of action. Then take action and let the principles guide you as you keep your eyes on the outcome.

In other words: act, adapt, achieve and succeed!

How to Plan for Success, Prevent Self-Sabotage, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory

How to Identify and Prevent Self-Sabotage

Have you ever felt that part of you was stopping you from achieving the things you want? This is common – and is known as self-sabotage. Self-sabotage is relatively easy to identify, but few people understand why it happens – or how to stop it. Here is the secret to preventing self-sabotage and achieving success:

First Step: Awareness

Try to identify the cases of self-sabotage.

Second Step: Questioning

Ask yourself these questions:

“In what way do I benefit if I don’t achieve this goal?”
“How do I benefit by things staying the way they are?”

The answers to these questions may not be readily apparent. However, there are answers and when you find them, they will be most revealing. You might also decide that you didn’t really want to achieve the goal in the first place, and you were simply being driven by social pressures or the wants of others. However, you may come to realize that you won’t achieve any benefits from things staying as they are, and you really do want to achieve your goal.

How to Plan for Success, Prevent Self-Sabotage, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory

Third Step: Negotiating

Ensure that all negotiation with yourself is towards a win/win solution. Find a way that both you and the secret saboteur in your mind can have what you want and your solution is sure to work for you! This third step may not come easy at first. However, let your mind work on it in the background while you focus on other tasks. Before you sleep, set your intention to dream a solution.

The results may surprise you!

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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