How to Prioritse Positively for a Happy Business

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How happy do you feel at the moment? What impact in turn does this have on your business?

I don’t need to highlight to you the increased success of a business with someone positive and happy at the helm.

It’s been shown that paying attention to your happiness and trying to feel happier doesn’t actually produce the desired results. What does then?

The new words on the block surrounding happiness are ‘Prioritising Positivity’. What’s that?  Building into your day things that bring you pleasure and positivity.

It’s not all about thinking forwards in terms of weeks, months or years to that 'big thing' you feel will finally make you complete and happy.

Prioritising positivly, happy business, happy life, happiness in work

Prioritising positivity

It’s about starting with today and tomorrow and using what you know from past experiences will bring you happiness, i.e. less about what you think will make you happy and more about what you know will make you so.  These may be some very simple every day pleasures.

Start building these into your days, and enjoy feeling the results…

A way that I prioritise positivity is a long weekend away in the sun. I always plan into these weeks some things I know I’ll enjoy so that my return to work after a few sun soaked days is a happy one rather than a bit of a struggle! Resulting in a more prouctive and happy business. 

Enjoy prioritising your positivity and let me know how you get on.

I would like to read your comments and opinions on your coaching experiences and how you believe coaching has helped you. 

Have you 'prioritised positivity' in your life? Tell me your experiences!

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