How To Turbo Boost Your Confidence Levels

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You can train confidence

Often people suffer from a lack of confidence for whatever reason. That might be whether it's due to a lack of belief in your own abilities or just a mental block to get over specific tasks.

The feeling of a thumping heartbeat, the clammy hands, the tightening of the chest and the nervous butterflies were all too familiar to me. I would try and disappear into the background. I would look for an exit route or pray for a hole in the floor!

On other days, I feel six feet tall in all situations and I have a deep inner-knowing that I can handle whatever life throws at me.

Below, I explain three NLP techniques that should help you to turbo charge your confidence and change for the better. That's because confidence is a bit like a muscle. The more you practice and exercise it the stronger your confidence will grow!

self confidence tips, how to improve confidence

Technique 1 for boosting your confidence - The Confidence Switch

Remember a situation or time in your life when you felt extremely confident?  Return to that memory in your mind now, as fully as you can. See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel how good you felt. (if you are struggling to remember a specific time, visualise how you would be if you were totally confident now and had all the power and self-belief you could ever need.)

Keep remembering and replaying this confident memory over in your mind and make its colours richer and brighter. Make the sounds much clearer and stronger, and your feeling and emotions more intense too. 

As the good feelings build inside you, squeeze your thumb and middle finger of either hand together. Hold the thumb and finger together for ten or fifteen seconds or so, whilst still replaying the strong confident memory in your mind.  (Make sure to release your thumb and finger before your memory starts to fade or your feelings start to subside.)

Practice these steps several times, until the simple act of squeezing your thumb and finger together brings confident feelings in an instant. 

Then, holding your thumb and finger together, think about a particular situation coming up in which you want to be and feel more confident. Imagine and visualise things going perfectly for you and you feeling fully confident with things going exactly as you want them to go.  See what you see, hear what you hea and rfeel the confidence running through you.  

Move forwards confidently now, secure in the knowledge that you can turn on your confidence with the flick of a switch! 

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Technique 2 for boosting your confidence - stepping into the more confident you

Visualise and imagine a slightly more confident ‘you’ standing just in front of you.

Imagine stepping into that more confident version of yourself. See through their eyes, hear through their ears and feel the feelings of your more confident self.

Now imagine that right in front of you is an even more confident you – sitting or standing a bit taller, a look of slightly more self-belief in your eyes, emanating a little bit of extra charisma – and step into this more confident self.

Now notice that in front of you is an even more confident you with more passion and strength, more ease and natural comfort – and step into your even more confident self. Notice everything about you – how you are breathing, how you are standing. Notice how you are using your body, the expression on your face, how you are talking and how you sound.

Keep repeating this last step, stepping into a more and more confident YOU until you are overflowing with confidence.

Anytime you need a confidence boost all you have to do is step into your more confident self through this confidence builder!

self confidence tips, boosting confidence, how to gain confidence

Technique 3 for boosting your confidence – how to truly TURBO boost your confidence

Think specifically of the time/place/situation you want or need to feel confident in.

Focus on the words in your mind right now that describe best how you want to feel at that time and place e.g.  ‘calm’, ‘confident’,  ‘relaxed’, ‘focused’, ‘strong’, ‘powerful’, ‘at ease’, ‘standing tall’, etc.

Close your eyes for as long as you like now and think about those words, and how those words feel..

Visualize the time/place/situation itself and rehearse it in your mind as the confident, calm and focused ‘you’. Feel how those words make you feel in the situation and visualise things going exactly as you would love them to. Repeating this exercise often will set the ‘confidence’ blueprint in your unconscious mind. Then simply pull up the blueprint up when the situation occurs in real life!

I hope you have found these techniques useful. Practice them often and they will become like second nature to you.

Confidence is a learned behaviour and it’s something YOU can learn.

Do you have any other techniques to turbo-boost your confidence? Share them with us in the comments!

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