How to Use Your Imagination to Build a Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude, building confidence, personal development

Crystal blue skies, sunshine, wind, glorious music stirring my more than vivid imagination that seems to be what my DNA is largely made of, and a hawk flying gracefully overhead.

I am transported off the downhill slope of the walking path into the air, flying over the golfers, walkers, runners and dogs on the trail…up, up, up above the trees beginning to turn gold…until I am flying side by side with the hawk… free… soaring…leaving all behind as I glide in pure abandonment and joy I have a positive mental attitude.

This is one kind of imagination and it is a glorious gift to each of us, a gift that never runs out. Through it we can romp, somersault, saunter and lollygag. We get to move at whatever pace we like. It is a place of our own design that we carry with us at all times when awake; at night, it seems to take over on its own in our dream state.

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There is also imagination we possess that is of a different dimension. It has the capacity to be as spectacular and move us forward, hold us steady, and bring us into new experiences with optimism, confidence and a solid belief in our capacities.

When I think of this imagination I visualize it with two sides and it meshes with the quote: “If you think you can you will, and if you think you can’t you won’t.”

What I call the shadow side of our gift of imagination, if not monitored and shifted, will take us into places of discomfort and doubt. The challenging, difficult pieces of our lives are often the catalysts that fully wake it up and allow it to have a heyday.

At times it partners with our old stories and experiences; other times it partners with assumptions. It partners with fears and it partners with lack of standing in our knowing of who we are and of our strengths. It partners with lack of confidence and plain exhaustion, energy for whatever, gone. 

Positive mental attitude, building confidence, personal development, positive life

It thrives on getting us to dance with it to the point that we cannot see beyond it.

  • We imagine that a task is going to be impossible, beyond our capacity.
  • We imagine that we must stay stuck in a job and that there is no other choice.
  • We imagine that the dream of living magnificently is unrealistic and unattainable.
  • We imagine that a person for whom we are caring only holds certain limited capacities.
  • We cannot see beyond those to the fullness of the person and of the potential for a different way of holding them as whole.
  • We imagine that we will have to lose our self to be present to another.
  • We imagine that what we say does not matter.
  • We imagine that we will not be “good enough” parents.

We all have these moments, individual as they are to our lives. No one is immune.

When we live into that aspect of imagination, we live in small, tight boxes that have little breathing space. We stop ourselves. We close off options. And so often we lose hope and succumb to allowing the imagination to become the reality. Life, or pieces of life, lose luster and color and we, too, fade.

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Enter reimagination

It wants to break in and become the new dance partner. As we say, “Yes, please, please be my new dance companion” we align to new ways of being and of living. We create new choreography for our circumstances and relationships bring your imagination to be a positive mental attiude.

Reimagination is transformative. It energizes. It shifts. It reframes. It opens up. It brings us into exquisite partnership with an exploration of fresh perspectives. It lightens and enlivens. It brings breath back. It heals. It is creative. It is powerful. It steers us in a significant change of direction. New focus arrives. It allows the mind, heart and soul to step into new paradigms. It has all the potential in the world to return us to who we are at our best and at our core. It wakes us up and startles us out of complacency. It challenges us to revise and re-write.

staying positive, positive mental attitude, affirmations for success

Hope enters, vibrant and palpable. Life looks and feels filled with new potential as we enter this portal we may not know is always waiting for us, or have forgotten.

Reimagination opens our capacity to thrive.

When we reimagine and thrive we step into our magnificence and nothing will stop us.

Together we shall beautifully broaden the conversation, not only bringing transformation to ourselves, but also making a difference as we choose with intention how to live in our relationships and communities through a positive mental attitude with imagination.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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