How You Can Use Positive Affirmations for Success

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Positive affirmations are powerful tools for inspiring you and they are self selecting! They are positive statements about a situation you desire (and are not in right now) and are stated repeatedly. Their purpose is to ‘impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action’ (Remez Sasson), disinter beliefs that limit you and supplant them with positive ones.

Positive affirmations are used in coaching to maintain focus on your goals, which can be undermined by limiting beliefs. They can be used solo, or with visualisation and other Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to release positive thinking.

To be effective positive affirmations need to be short, easy to say, specific and succinct. They should be stated in positive language, in the present tense, (e.g. I am now 8 stones, my ideal weight) and regularly (to embed them in your subconscious), with conviction,passion and attention.  For a positive affirmation to work, you will need to make it your own – even if based on borrowing from others. Jeff Staniforth says a positive affirmation needs to ‘feel right for you. The stronger your connection with it, the deeper the impression it makes on your mind and the sooner you will experience the positive results’.

According to Rhonda Byrne, ‘The effective use of affirmation depends entirely on how much you believe when you say them....Belief adds power to your words.’ This may be difficult at the start, but repetition will help you act and feel as if the wish you affirm is a reality. It’s the key to the door marked ‘positive room’ in the title here.

Success, Positivism, Your24hCoach, Life Coaching

Orla, aged 38, voluntary sector worker, wanted promotion but lacked the confidence to realise this. Despite performing well in the workplace and excellent applications which repeatedly got her to the first ‘successful’ stage (i.e. interviews), her critical inner voice continually said she wasn’t good enough. This affected her preparation and her performance in interview. In coaching, Orla visualised herself preparing and doing well in interview and getting the job. To eliminate her negative self-talk, she developed a positive affirmation, ‘I am intelligent and can do this job and it’s already mine’. She wrote it on cards, carried one around with her and repeated it frequently. She visualised herself being interviewed and doing the job and experienced the feelings that came with it. She did her homework and prepared for interview; her confidence soared. Yes, she got her promotion. It’s worth saying that positive affirmations are a necessary, though by themselves not necessarily sufficient part of any development if you want to get there quickly.

Using positive affirmations to help develop a positive mindset, like Orla, is a powerful tool that can make what you want achievable. They will get you well beyond just wishing and no, they won’t help ‘unrealistic wishing’ such as wanting to be queen. Nonetheless they will help develop personal power and transform your life. They build on all the other elements needed to achieve something more than now. Go on, try them for yourself and see the results.

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