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These days we hear a lot about the limits and belief factors that hold us back from our own happiness or living out our dreams. Friends and family, though well intentioned, feed us with a lot of doubt. We question whether we have the money or time to do what we really want. We are terrified of failing. Thus creating a mentality that allows us to be okay with settling and becoming accustomed to receiving less than what we truly desire. This is because we start to rationalise why it is acceptable.

The truth is that it is if you do not try, it is guaranteed that you will fail! In this case you fail by default. Do you know how many successful people succeeded the first time around? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, none. Everyone fails at some point or another. Every single person has been faced with their own challenges, set backs and naysayers. The difference though in what makes them successful is not in their genes, how they were raised or in some magic spell that was put on them at birth. It is largely based on the fact, they didn’t give up in the face of challenge, obstacle or set back. They believed in their dream.

Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory, Destiny, Be Happy, Chances

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln failed at numerous businesses and was defeated in numerous runs he made for public office before becoming president? I’m talking about nearly 30 years of defeat and failures before he was voted in to become one of America’s greatest leaders. Do you have the courage to fight for what you believe in for 30 years?

Oprah was fired from her first reporting job as being “unfit for TV”. Imagine how that producer feels now. He could have been a part of that empire had he just believed in her and saw her vision. But Oprah didn’t need one person to believe in her. She believed enough in herself. Charles Darwin was chastised by his father as being lazy and a ‘dreamer’. I’ve been to the Galapagos Islands, and have an amazing appreciation for his work and studies in evolution.

What if he had listened to his father and given up his dream because it wasn’t realistic? And of course how can we forget the iconic Steve Jobs, who after being fired from Apple (after creating the company) returned years later to make it one of the most successful technology organizations in the world.

Could you imagine if these amazingly successful people gave up at the first sight of challenge or criticism and how we as a society would have lost out on all of their amazing talents? Do you think they knew going into their careers how big they were going to become and the difference they would make in the lives of so many?

We are all granted a unique gift and we are all faced with various challenges, but the difference is what we do with it after the first sign of failure. There are so many reasons not to try or just to give up, but these are all simple tests to see how badly you want it. Some of the greatest success stories in our world all started with at least one failure or doubt. What makes them success stories is the fact that they didn’t give up.

Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory, Destiny, Be Happy, Chances

Your soul knows what it wants to do, but your mind will challenge it. You need to start to rewire your brain and eliminate your self-limiting beliefs. Write down the reasons that you aren’t living your dream.

For example:

  • I don’t have time
  • I might fail
  • I have responsibilities
  • It’s not realistic

Now, flip the script and write down three reasons proving why these statements are false.

These ideologies have taken years to be created inside of you, therefore it will take time and focus to turn them around. But like any other muscle in your body, they can be strengthened and you can turn these limiting beliefs into powerful motives.

Remember, these are just limiting thoughts, they are NOT reality. They do not define who you are or what you are capable of. You are capable of greatness!

All of us have a story that has brought us to exactly where we are today. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Those stories have helped mold and shape us and hopefully taught us a thing or two. But there comes a point where you come to a cross roads in this book called LIFE and need to make a conscious decision about what you want to do next. Stop living by a script written by everyone around you and start to write your own story.

What do you choose? I choose to be happy.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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