Meet Our Coach - Cheryl Dyck (Interview)

interview with a business coach

Cheryl Dyck is a Business & Career Coach from Alberta, Canada.

Cheryl’s key areas of expertise are mentoring, business transformation, team and leadership development, team building, financial sustainability, communications and business process streamlining.

Amongst others, she is certified as a business coach with ActionCOACH, an accredited member of ICF and has 27 years business experience, all major industries, all sizes of companies.

Since 1986, Cheryl has been helping business owners to develop strong teams, streamlined processes and solid strategic plans to build success and profitability. Her extensive training helps her to mentor business owners to evolve their businesses and build success with a strong team and strong core operation.

1. What has motivated you to become a professional coach?

I wanted to add more tools to my toolkit and have a bigger impact on my clients. Coaching tools allowed me to add more to what I could do for my clients than just as a consultant, and it has a lasting effect.  Coaching means you teach the clients’ skills they can use for a lifetime!

2. What advice would you give to prospective coaches wanting to start their career?

I would say that building your reputation and getting results for your clients takes time. Find experienced and successful mentors to help you build your business and don’t be afraid to learn and glean experience, knowledge and techniques from them. Good mentors want to help you be successful and share their expertise.    

3. Can you name three key qualities of a highly effective coach that you possess?

I believe the top three key qualities of highly effective coaches, including myself, are intuition to detect and determine what is really going on; innovation to help business owners to see forward to potential and opportunity and solutions to key challenges; motivation and influence skills to help business owners to feel confident about directions, goals and visions and actually help to make that happen!

4. What was the biggest challenge you have overcome in your coaching career and what did you learn from it?

I believe the biggest challenge I have overcome in my coaching career is the lack of understanding about what a coach is and how we add value to a business’ success, profitability and growth.  I learned that getting business owner’s the results was the best way to overcome this!  Results talk.

5. What would you advise people who struggle to keep momentum as they progress toward their goals?

All entrepreneurs, including me, start out believing that they need to know everything.  The biggest learning for me, and I pass this learning onto business owners I work with, is it is critical to have experienced mentors helping you and advising you.  You will build faster and better with this support.  Invest in you!

interview with a business coach

6. What is the one most important thing that you would like prospective coaching clients to know about you?

I work with clients in the areas we identify as needing development, and I work on you so you will be as successful as you can be.  The business is the means to an end and when we build it to be the most it can be then you can transition out and have someone else run it or sell it and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.  If you work hard with me you will be successful!

7. What are your 3 ‘Do’s’ and 3 ‘Don’ts’ for coaching clients looking to find the right coach?

3 Do’s

  • Focus on a mentor that help you get the results you need
  • Focus on a mentor with experience and personal history building businesses and success
  • Look for long term relationships, as the results will have a multiplication effect

3 Don’ts

  • Don’t look for the cheapest coaches, look to invest in yourself and your team
  • Don’t under value what coaches do to help you get results, they hold you accountable while you hold your team accountable
  • Don’t just look at quick wins, look for long term replicable results

8. What distinguishes you from the other coaches?

I have walked the walk, and built for my own business and other businesses the structures you need to build in your business and life to be successful.  I can now help you implement best practices without going through the school of hard knocks.

9. How can coaching clients get the most out of a coaching session

The more you commit to getting the work done and learning the skills, knowledge and tools, the more successful you will be.  If you expect to sit back and not do any work, then you won’t be successful.  Your commitment will determine your success

10. What is the one tip that you find especially effective for people who seek support in Business & Executive Coaching?

People and teams who jump in and start to learn, to commit to and to implement all they learn from coaching, will outpace in growth and revenue their competition.  Commitment and implementation (doing it!) is key.

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Cheryl’s key areas of expertise are mentoring, business transformation, team and leadership development, team building, financial sustainability, communications and business process streamlining. Read more