Meet Our Coach - Howard Shore (Interview)

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Howard Shore is a Business, Executive & Life Coach from Miami, United States.

Howard knows what it takes to scale a business, has the tools and know how to help his clients implement them. He has helped executives and teams to improve business performance and their lives by finding more profits, more revenue, higher business valuations, less stress, and more importantly more time to do what is important to them. 

Amongst other qualifications, he is a certified Gazelles Coach and certified Executive Coach.

Howard owned several companies (successfully exiting his first business at age 21), working for 3 top Fortune 500 companies, and having over 12 years’ experience being and business coach and executive coach to hundreds of executives and businesses.

1. What has motivated you to become a professional coach?

Impact and leverage – I wanted to find a way to have more impact, more often, on the daily lives of people and organizations. I see coaching as a way to leverage my core talents of making sense of complex situations and keeping it simple. I can help people and teams develop practical approaches to accelerating growth and address difficult circumstances. I care about people and have a gentle but firm way of getting to the hard issues.

2. Can you name three key qualities as a highly effective coach that you possess?

1. Attitude toward others - ability to maintain a positive, open and objective attitude towards others.

2. Developing others - ability to understand the needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses of others, and to use effectively this information for the purposes of developing others.

3. Gaining commitment - ability to develop and invoke a self-motivating attitude in others in their pursuit of their goals.

3. What’s the most valuable feedback you’ve ever received from a client?

There is no one thing. Every time you interact with a client you learn from them as much as they do with you. I used to come across too aggressively and because of feedback points over time I have learned to be more assertive. I also continue to make improvements to my processes and programs as I receive feedback from customers.

4. Describe the most inspiring transformation that a client of yours has gone through?

Executive Coaching – a son of a business owner (second in command) was prone to emotional outbursts and could not communicate with the business owner. After coaching, he has now become the primary builder of the leadership team, main communicator with the mom, and has demonstrated tremendous control and poise in dealing with difficult issues. His employees would tell you he is a different person.

Business Coaching – a client had an organizational structure that could not support their strategy, a dysfunctional leadership team, poor business plan, and severe financial difficulty. In 9 months of working with him, we significantly changed its fortunes to a high growth, and profit machine driven by a functional leadership team. Company sold 18 months after we met and the owner got a nice pay-out. Never would have occurred without the turnaround.

5. Out of your personal habits, what are the most important for your own professional success?

Appreciation for what I have, mindful of my purpose, family, giving back, continuous learning, exercise, eating well, plenty of rest, self-reflection, and continuous improvement.

life coach interview, executive coach, Howard Shore, Miami, United States

6. What are your 3 ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ for coaching clients looking to find the right coach?

  1. Do look for chemistry. You must feel comfortable and be able to trust your coach.

  2. Do look for fit. They must be the right coach for your circumstances.

  3. Don’t look at hourly rates. Instead, focus on who will help you achieve the best results.

7. What distinguishes you from the other coaches?

I have a gift of making sense of complex situations and keeping it simple. I can help you learn how to become a much stronger leader and communicator. I help develop practical approaches to accelerating profitable growth and making business fun again even in difficult circumstances. My clients will tell you that I care about people and have a gentle but firm way of getting to the hard issues.

8. Can you share with our readers your best tip for living an exceptional life?

That is very personal in terms of what everyone defines as exceptional life. However, I will say that everything starts in our own heads. It's all about outlook and the lens you choose to use for each day. For example, you can be thankful and appreciative for everything you have or you can fill each day with regret and thoughts of what you do not have. I start every day with two words in mind to steer my day.

1. Impact. Every day no matter what I am doing I challenge myself to have a positive impact on another human being. The more impact the better. It starts every morning at home. I must first have a positive impact on my family. Then spread it to everyone else.

2. Enough.  I remind myself every day that I already have enough and I am thankful to have it! This does not mean that I might not strive for more. It just means I am thankful and mindful for what I have.

Those are my two words.Yours do not have to be so fancy or lofty. Choose to have the right outlook and lens you already have an exceptional life.

9. What is the one technique that you find especially effective for people who seek support in Executive and Business Coaching. 

You need to combine process with time and commitment. It takes all three. There are many good processes out there. If you will not commit to the process, it cannot work.  You need to shift the time away from your bad habits and implement the new habits. If you combine all three, you will have success.

10. What would be the structure of one of your typical coaching sessions?

Executive Coaching - during our meeting I am a sounding board for your opportunity, obstacle, issue, or concern. I ask questions that help you process your thoughts from various points of view to help you think through your issue. At the end of the discussion, I will get you to commit to actions. I also hold you accountable to prior actions we discussed.

Business Coaching – it's customized to the business and challenges. In general, we meet to validate and strengthen strategy, create annual plans, step back and reflect how we did in the prior quarter, decide on short-term priorities and align them with long term direction, keep our eye on cash and financial stability, hold team members accountable, create a “not do” or “do later” lists, and enhance executive learning.

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