See The Mountain! Essential Problem Solving Skills to Take Control of Your Life

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At the heart of any lasting life change is accepting that it is possible for you to take control of your life. Before you can even consider how to solve a problem in front of you, you have to first acknowledge that there is in fact a problem – like a mountain appearing in your path! Here are three steps to help you to face your “mountain” so that you can take control of your life.

1. Acknowledge the problem

Before you can determine if it is better to go around it, deal with it or change directions entirely, you have to accept that the problem is there. In order to move forward, you have to acknowledge that you need to do something about the mountain that is blocking your path. Too often we continue on our way, paying no attention to the problem that is rising in front of us until we walk right into it and find ourselves knocked back. We look around, bewildered and bruised, unsure of how we got there.

2. Stop blaming anyone for the problem, even yourself!

Whenever we are knocked back by a problem, we become perplexed and try again. We choose to pretend it isn’t there while we walk right into the side of it again, knocking ourselves down in the process. This leaves us frustrated and looking around for someone to blame: “There must be some other person who is tripping us up”. If we find no one to blame, we blame ourselves: “If only we had longer legs, took bigger steps, were taller, shorter, smarter, or something other than what we are, we would be able to keep walking”. Most of us push on through our lives without stopping to take a look around to try to solve a problem. Rather than take control of things, we tear our lives to pieces trying to force the world to bend to our will – only to fail again and again.

problem solving, facing your problems, take control of your life, taking control of your own live, Your24hCoach

3. Face the problem

Imagine how free you would feel if you were to look up from the ground and see that mountain for the first time. Imagine saying to yourself, “Hey, there is a mountain in my way. It wasn’t so-and-so’s fault that I keep falling down. I am not lazy, stupid, incompetent, or crazy. It’s not that there is anything wrong with me, I just didn’t see what was standing in my way.”

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