Take Action Now in 2014 to Achieve Your Goals With Good Coaching

achieve your goals, taking action, international coaching network

Deciding our resolutions and goals

The clocks strike 12 and we joyously welcome in the New Year on the 1st January, and precisely at midnight – or maybe a minute beforehand – we decide to make some new resolutions.

These resolutions may be a reaction to what’s happened the previous month and end up being the same ones we made last year and the year before that. We may have the gusto to take action for maybe one or two months. Other times we make those meaningful resolutions which help ourselves and/or to those around us and we manage to sustain throughout the year and longer. Having these meaningful resolutions or goals keeps us motivated and committed to taking action. Being supported in the right environment to achieve them is the difference between success and attempting to achieve it.

Bringing goals and motivation together

Having meaningful goals stirs and stokes up the fire within us to keep at this challenge which we are committed to. It grounds us because energy is generated between our goal and motivation. Goals can be driven by an internal need, an external pressure or even a combination of both. Sustained motivation results from harmony between our rational and emotional self. When they both come together in the most appropriate environment it creates that spark that ignites each one of us to make a change and stay on course.

1. Reaching your goals with good coaching

At different points along this process from an idea, to making the decision through to taking and sustaining the necessary actions till we reach the desired result, coaching can help play a part and make it a different and perhaps more fun and enjoyable experience. Here are some effective coaching methods that can support you to take action in 2014!

2. Reflective coaching

This might be the time to uncover the reason that’s holding you back from taking action to achieve your goal and find compassionate ways to move forward either as baby steps or with one giant leap. Or perhaps it’s the time to open-mindedly review your purpose and deepen the ways to fulfill it even more. The coach provides a safe space to allow you to reflect and bravely verbalise the challenge you are looking to set yourself. 

3. Strategic coaching

2014 may be when you want to work out the strategies necessary to achieve your goal, whether it’s thinking of alternatives of completing the action, identifying collaborators or whom to delegate the work too, identifying what new techniques you require or building on existing one. Bouncing back and forth strategies with a peer coach will help you to see more clearly the most appropriate and proactive pathway to achieving success.

achieve your goals, taking action, international coaching network

4. Accountability coaching

You may have already formulated your strategy and you want a coach to compassionately hold you accountable to it! Your coach can provide that safe space to review what both went well and badly from taking the action. Having that space to openly reflect and challenge yourself with the support of a coach will improve your awareness and decision making capacities from a neutral place to help you to achieve your goals.

These are just some of the ways in which coaching can support you right now or sometime in the future when you decide that you need that extra support along your meaningful journey. Coaching can serve those who believe that, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. You can find out more about coaching by contacting me at my online profile below or by sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

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