The Key to Being Present and Productive

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How well do you shift from work to family and friends?

I recently came across this great video on work-life balance.

Family, summer, vacations, rest, recreation, space and time to be with each other – we want all this for healthy balanced life. But on the other hand we have work, grades, profession, business, responsibility, revenue etc.

Quite often, it’s common to get stuck in work-mode. It’s quite natural since 40-60 hours can be spent being ultra-focused or multi-tasking, left with little to none energy for socializing, one to one bonding or self-care. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How’s your shifting from one to the other?
  • How well do you prioritize being productive at work and being present with your loved ones?
  • More importantly, how present are you when you’re present?

In the last issue, I brought up the idea of a single, unifying principle that guides us to prioritize what matters the most. But with so many important things – family, work – what should rise as top priority and get our greatest commitment and resources? What unifying principle could substantially help us improve in everything?

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The unifying principle

It’s something that undergirds an organization’s plans and operations (a family, company, or institution) will have substantial, significant outcomes. If this governing philosophy is going to produce great outcomes, it needs to pursue the balance of being present and productive and helping people shift well from one to the other.

Developing this kind of highly positive guidance requires wisdom and understanding in various areas – technology, finances, management, relationships, and leadership. But what’s often overlooked are the intangibles that make for greatness. The love factor – how real and connected we are, how we inspire and influence, how we genuinely care for the inner well being of others and ourselves and ultimately it’s how we’re able to dig deep, make brave decisions to let go of what’s not working, and experience liberation. This level of authenticity only comes when people grow and prioritize the uncomfortable and arduous work of resolving dysfunctional areas of relational ability and emotional health in order to deal with root challenges. Courage to explore and find compassion (for others and self) with another is the key to having a life that is both present and productive. Of course the character of this person is hugely important, but more about that another time.

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Last month, I suggested Brene Brown’s TED talk on “Listening to Shame”. Well, there’s another one she gave on “The Power of Vulnerability” where she went into how her research findings fundamentally changed the way she lives, loves, works and parents – sounds like a single unifying principle that radically transforms everything. This is the key – navigating the embedded stories written through the years of joys and sorrows, people and pain, events and errors.

Finding your unifying principle

The Key: in a genuine, safe relationship, cultivate fuller awareness and disclosure of who you are and your story, then bravely discover and receive unconditional love and acceptance for yourself from those who care deeply for you.

Why? This addresses our fears and insecurities about who we are. This must be healed and strengthened so that we don’t depend on appearance and performance for security and significance. This will open our learning channels so we can gather and process data (internal and external) as we are no longer obsessed with how we look or achieve in order to be acceptable. The more transparent we get, the more secure we become and thus pushing out fear and worries of not being enough.

Not only so, but this key also emboldens us to discern what is most important and be able to prioritize what truly needs our greatest intentionality and commitment. When we are not preoccupied with our fears, we are able to see the bigger picture and get a much better perspective of the needs of those we love, especially their need for belonging and trust.

All this goes towards formulating the single, unifying principle to guide us into effectively being present and productive (a transformative process), wisely prioritizing what matters most to experience great fulfilment (presence) and success (productivity).

What do you think about it? Share your ideas!

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