The Secret to Being Healthy is in Your Self-Belief

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Why Being Healthy is About Your Mind

April is already on the calendar, the warm sun is shining more often and many people decide to improve their health before summer comes.

However, the concept of being healthy can be misinterpreted. It isn’t just about a good physical shape – most importantly, it includes your mental wellbeing and self-belief.

Your beliefs, emotions and attitudes form your sense of identity, values, attitude to life and your perception of the world around you. Even if someone is in great physical form but has negative or limiting attitudes and beliefs, it will significantly impact their happiness and health.  

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The Power of Self-Talk

Through the work with my clients, I have come to the conclusion that beliefs are essentially habits. Through a habitual system of thinking and living, you shape your reality and influence your self-talk – that inner voice telling you what you think you can or can’t do.

Self-talk is going on all of the time in our heads, ranging from fleeting thoughts to full day dreams. It can be  negative and undermine self-confidence or positive, helping to attract opportunities and be more productive. The mind is habitual in nature and by going over the same thoughts repeatedly, it reinforces feelings and emotions. The secret is to change it so it positively impacts your mental wellbeing.

As we are only consciously aware around 5% of the time, the rest of the time we go along simply hoping for he best. This may explain why someone has another bad relationship experience, piles the weight on, smokes or is addicted to alcohol.

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5 Tips for Being Healthy Through Positive Self-Talk

1. Understand that self-belief is a skill

Self-belief is not something that you are born with. It is a skill that needs to be nurtured and practiced.  Some people have acquired limiting beliefs as children. However, anyone can learn, change or improve in this aspect with the right strategy and persistence.

2. Create habits to increase self-belief

Habitually repeating behaviours is a powerful way to affect our subconscious mind. For example, perform affirmations and visualisations every day in order to build positive thoughts. With time, your self-talk will change to a more positive version and help you with your goal of being healthy.

3. Work on one habit at a time

If you are passionate about developing yourself, it might be tempting to do everything at once. However, true change requires time and consistency, so work on it slowly. Otherwise, you can get discouraged if things get too hard which will make the process more difficult.

4. Focus your strengths

Our negative self-talk exaggerates our flaws and underestimates the strengths. Learn to appreciate your virtues by consciously admitting them. For instance, you can reward yourself when you finish a big project at work by emphasising the skills you used to complete it instead of thinking how difficult the project itself was.

5. Read motivational books

Self-belief is a life-changing aspect that directly influences our lives. There are many experts in this field that teach people how to believe in themselves. Read books such as “Awaken The Giant” by Tony Robbins or “The Six Pillars of Self Esteem” by Nathaniel Branden to widen your knowledge and stay motivated. 

6. Don’t give up

It might be challenging to overcome negative self-talk that had been thriving for years and years. Yes, there will be bad days. Yes, there will be failures. However, if you are persistent and focused, you will create real change that will push you towards your goal of being healthy. Don't give up.

Do you think self-belief can help you to become healthy? I would love to hear your opinion!

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