Top 4 'I Don't Need Coaching' Excuses

I Don't Need Coaching Excuses, Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory
I love being a professional life coach. My mission is to give the gifts I’ve developed as a life coach to as many people as possible so that they can realize the profound achievements that have been reached through coaching in my own life and the lives of my clients. What’s stopping people from receiving professional life coaching?  The reasons are similar to why people often stumble and stagnate in their lives, instead of developing and reaching their goals.  

Here Are The Most Common 4 'I Don't Need Coaching' Excuses

1) My life is pretty good right now…

“There’s nothing in my life that could be better. My health, weight, relationships, work, finances and everyday happiness is thriving.”

The truth is - these people have got it together enough that when they do receive coaching, they end up thriving in ways that they never could have dreamed of. The thing that stops these people from signing up to receive coaching is often that they worry about upsetting the apple cart in life. But here’s a little secret – there is no apple cart in life. Once they give life coaching a chance, they are usually so impressed by the overall experience because their lives have become measurably better than just ‘pretty good’. Of course, they’re the ones doing the work. They change their mindsets and try new approaches. They are the ones that have changed their lives for the better.

I Don't Need Coaching Excuses, Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory

2) I don’t see the point in spending money on coaching…

“I can’t see how I could budget for someone to help improve my life. Wouldn’t saving my money benefit my life more than receiving life coaching?”

Yes, coaching costs money. However – all of my clients now make more money than they did before, after having received life coaching. Some have even seen 100% increases in their income. Others have been able to change their career to something that they are much more passionate about. It really pays to put yourself first!

3) I don’t really want to own up to…

“I can’t imagine moving on from a past relationship…”
“If I delve deep into my life, I’ll have to deal with something I’ve been putting off for a long time…”

Life coaching can help you to shift the energy that you have towards past events and relationships. This will help you to treat these situations differently. With the help of coaching, you can change relationships so that they thrive and boost your happiness. Often we complicate situations by over-thinking. A life coach can help you to simplify these situations and see clearly what you must do in order to fix the issues.

I Don't Need Coaching Excuses, Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory

4) I have no time…

“I have no time to get my hair done or go to the gym. How can I find the time to talk to a coach for an hour a week?”

Often, we have plenty of time to spare if we just cut back on the activities that really aren’t important or urgent. Life coaching can help you to find the courage to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty or rude. When was the last time you said “Mommy really needs a break” or “I have to leave work now – my daughter has soccer practice”? You will have a significant change in your life when you start to put yourself first.
Coaching can help you to set forth your intentions for your life, your family and your happiness. Time Management Coaching is essentially coming up with a game plan to be proactive in life rather than always just reacting to the pressures that others place on you.

I Don't Need Coaching Excuses, Your24hCoach, Life Coaching, Coaching Directory

If you find yourself saying one or more of these excuses, try to open your mind and give life coaching a try. You never know – it might be the best thing you’ve ever done and your happiness, productivity and relationships might improve like you never could have imagined.

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