Understanding the Effects of Traumatic Experiences and How to Overcome Them

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Stress can affect everyone, it does not discriminate between the old, the young, the healthy, the intelligent, the wealthy or the poor. Stress can affect anyone at any time during their life. The causes of stress differ between individuals - ranging from work-related stress, home-related stress, social-related stress or a combination of a number of different excessive pressures.

The Energy System and Stress

The human body is an energy system made of matter, and all matter is made up of energy cells. We are composed of approximately 70 trillion cells that act as receptors receiving signals to and from each other. When we are subjected to excessive pressure leading to stress, over a long period of time, this can disrupt the signals of the receptors in the cell. This then affects the ability of the immune cells to respond normally to hormonal signals. Constant and enduring exposure to stress can lead to chronic illnesses, endocrine diseases and poor emotional and mental health.

This can have serious implications on our energy levels and well-being as we may be constantly evoking the 'fight or flight' response which activates hormonal responses to assist us. The issue is that the hormones have nowhere to go because no immediate action is required. Unfortunately, sitting in your office feeling angry or frustrated because you perceive you have been unfairly treated does not require the same action as fleeing the threat of a sabre tooth tiger!   

Trauma, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory, Anxiety, Stress, happiness, Life Coach

Big “T” and Small “t”

Trauma has to be discharged. Animals in the wild do this naturally but humans tend to carry trauma as it becomes encoded deep within to protect us from harm in the future. Trauma could be an accident, a painful experience, an injury or any deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

Traumas can be Capital “Ts” (big traumas) or small “t’s” (small traumas). An intense experience of negative emotion at the time of an event, particularly if this triggers the freeze response, can become trapped in the body’s energy system and lead to later repercussions. Sometimes these can be clearly related to the event, which is a Capital “T” event and can lead on to a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Such repercussions, particularly in the case of small “t” trauma, may be less obvious but nevertheless have effects on many levels and may become the basis of other issues such as illogical fears or anxiety, which in turn might lead to addictive behaviours or even physical health problems. 

EFT can hence be used for many of these issues by tracking back to the traumatising event and reducing the associated store of negative emotion, bringing new perspectives and clarity. 

ECHO’s in the Field

Energetic Conscious Holograms are the traumas that are held in our local fields when we experience trauma.

If, for example, as a young child you were caught by a parent scribbling on an expensive of item or piece of furniture and your parent tells you that you're naughty, this creates the ECHO which is an energetic representation of the younger version or part of yourself that is frozen in time. This is stored as an image, an ECHO in your external energy field which becomes an endless loop playing an upsetting scene that can create a block stored in the unconscious mind to protect you.

ECHO’s can be made at any time during your life and be added to your own personal blue print which make the values and beliefs that act as your filters and have a major role in how you subjectively perceive your reality and traumatic events. We always carry with us this field of ECHO’s that we do not exclusively tune in to. We are essentially like beacons advertising for others who have the ability to tune into us. We attract what we send out, and this is the basis for the law of attraction.

Trauma, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory, Anxiety, Stress, happiness, Life Coach

The Law of Attraction

Research conducted on the electromagnetic field generated by the heart suggests that the heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field in the human body. Studies show this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body and between two individuals in close proximity. The heart’s electromagnetic field contains certain information or coding, which researchers are trying to understand, that is transmitted throughout and outside of the body. With this in mind, it's hard not to let your heart rule your head. It is also believed that the heart's powerful energy field also contains the ECHO’s, which both yourself and other people can tune into.

Often you hear people ask: 'Do I have a label on my head that says take advantage of me?!'. You don’t need a label; your own unique energy field does a pretty good job of describing you and your emotional state all by itself. Our invisible antennas transmit to others what we emit due to the past experiences and traumas we have suffered. Whilst we can never change past events, we can change how we respond to them and the signals we give out.  

Trauma, Your24hCoach, Coaching Directory, Anxiety, Stress, happiness, Life Coach


A good life coach will listen to carefully and tune in to specific issues to help the client gain an understanding of unresolved issues. They will help you to explore different aspects that connect back to a core issue and find resolution in order to bring peace to your life. The one thing to remember is that you are not alone; everyone goes through something in their life that has impacted them greatly. With the help of a supportive coach, you will be able to start the process of healing.


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