What to Expect and How to Make the Most Out of Starting a New Job

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When you are accepted for a new job, your first thoughts may be “Yes! I did it. I got the job”. At first you might be very excited and imagine your successful, fun and bright future in your new company. However, anticipation can be swiftly accompanied by concerns, fears and doubts. This is absolutely normal and particularly healthy to have those thoughts. The important thing is simply learning how to handle them and how to convert them into your advantage. We would like to introduce some tips to help you if you are feeling nervous about starting a new job.

Firstly, there is nothing more important than knowing every important detail about not only the company you will be working for, but also about your position! Make sure you know what you were hired for and especially what your colleagues expect you to do. The next important thing to avoid is comparing your new job to your former one. That is not good for your sake and doesn't make a good impression on the people in your team. Nobody wants to hear phrases like “at my old job, we handled it different”. It doesn't matter anymore. You have to make absolutely sure to have freed your mind before starting your new job. A good tip is to always take some time to get a healthy distance from your old job before you start a new one. You cannot underestimate the effect that starting a new job has on your daily life.

starting a new job, career coaching, life coaching directory

When you finally have your first day at the company, make sure to visualize everything someone teaches you; take notes! On the one hand, show that you are interested and willing to accomplish your tasks thoughtfully. On the other hand, support your memory with the notes. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can remember everything. Even if you feel sure about it that very moment, you might be proven wrong very soon.

When it comes to your attitude towards starting a new job, you should always be open-minded towards your co-workers. Don't be afraid to ask for help, because this way they will notice, that you are willing to make a progress and you care about the project. Nowadays the tone between co-workers, and also between boss and employee, can be rough. Especially as “the new one” you have to be prepared for criticism. The most important thing for you is firstly to not take it personally and secondly to gain profit out of it. Search for ways to improve and be willing to let them see that you can do it better. Always be confident and remember that you were hired for a reason!

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