What You Didn't Know About Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude

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By now, I'm sure you've heard of the Law of Attraction, as it more than recently became popularized in movies (and books) like The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know?  The Law of Attraction is a law of the Universe, which basically states "like attracts like". That's the simplest explanation of this law.  

The law of attraction and its effects

The thoughts we think, whether positive or negative, actually attract things into our reality. The more we believe in these thoughts, the more powerful they are. The more powerful our thoughts, the faster they come into fruition. 

This is why it's so important to think and feel as happy and positive as possible.  This is why it's so imperative to do as many things as you can throughout the day that make you happy!

Here's the good news about the Law of Attraction and how our thoughts turn into reality.  It takes longer for negative thoughts to manifest into reality than it does for positive ones.  And these thoughts don't just manifest at the snap of a finger! On the flip side, it takes ten times as many positive thoughts to wash out one negative thought. 

Your24hCoach, Power of Thinking, International Coaching Directory, Positive Affirmations, Positive Mental Attitude

You must do whatever is necessary to keep yourself in the most positive, upbeat, happy-go-lucky mood as you can possibly be in AT ALL TIMES.  This way, negativity will just bounce off of you. Things that used to bother you before will barely even affect you if you're happy the majority of the time.  

Whatever puts you in a great mood, do it more often.  Here's a song that's BOUND to get you into a happy mood, so just listen to this if you're ever feeling down or just want to be in a great mood! It's Happy by Pharrell Williams.

The power of our words

Now, I've talked about our thoughts being powerful, but let me stress that our words are powerful as well. Our words to not only describe our reality, but they also define our reality.  

How long have you been saying "I have a bad back" or "I ALWAYS get sick in the winter" or "I HATE my job”. Imagine the toll this type of language is taking on your physical and mental well-being?

You are defining your reality when you use this type of language, and the more you talk like this, the more you continue to create a life that's as miserable as the words you speak.

Change your language, and just watch how quickly you begin to feel and act differently.  Start saying things like, "My back is feeling better and better every day!" or "I'm as healthy as ever!" or "I'm so truly grateful that I have a job!" Watch how much better your back begins to feel, how much healthier you become and how much more you start to like your job! 

I could go on and on about these two principles alone.... I could even write a book on it!  But just take the things I said above into mind and make the decision today to change your thoughts and language into being more positive and I guarantee you will begin to see results!  

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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