When Opportunity Knocks

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Don’t wait for opportunities

My husband has just won a luxury holiday to California. Hurrah! He was attending a reception, dropped his business card into a bowl for a draw and got lucky. When the opportunity knocked, he used it.

He nearly didn't enter. It's as easy to decide not to drop a card into a bowl as it is to do it.  But as they say "If you're not in, you can't win."  That applies to marketing your business as well - if you're not in the right places at the right time, you've got less chance of success.

Sometimes it can be hard to be in the right places, sometimes, like dropping your card into a bowl, it can be easy. I look at it in two different ways. You can take your opportunity or you can make it – and it's important to do both.

2 ways to capture opportunities:

Take Your Opportunity:

Like dropping your card into a bowl, there are going to be things that come your way and it's your decision whether to go for them.  A couple of years ago I got an email with a link about becoming a Government Small Business Growth Advisor.  I could have clicked on the link, or not.  I clicked, and got lots of interesting work with some very lovely new clients as a result.  

Keep your eyes open for those passing opportunities - the more open your eyes are, the more likely you are to ‘hear’ when the opportunity knocks.

when opportunity knocks

Make Your Opportunity:

It's not all about waiting for a bowl for your card, or a link in an email, you also need to ensure you're proactive in making your own opportunities knock. In making your opportunities, you're only constrained by your imagination and your nerve! Your customers won’t always come asking for or about your product or service. You need to make them want to do it.

Think about everything you can offer your customers or clients, and how you can reach them.  If you are unsure, do some research to find out what they want and where they are. Then rev up your imagination, get out there, and make lots and lots of opportunities.

Persistence is key

You can get easily discouraged if the opportunities don’t knock as soon or as often as you’d like them to. The truth is, to really make opportunities come your way and use them to your advantage, you need to be persistent.

Not every entry into a draw will guarantee you the win. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and sometimes it won’t go your way. However, keep taking and making opportunities and soon enough you will hit the jackpot.

Use self-evaluation, reflect on how you are progressing and you will realize immediately when the opportunity knocks.

How are you making sure that you make the best out of the opportunities that come your way? Let's discuss in the comment section!

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