Why You Should Push Past Your Comfort Zone

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Let's face it. No one likes feeling uncomfortable. In fact, from the moment we are born, we are seeking comfort and safety, aren't we? We don't like feeling hungry. We certainly don't like feeling wet. And we don't like feeling ignored unless we are asleep.

Comfort Through Life

As middle school kids, the need for comfort was possibly one of the most important areas of being socially included. On the one hand, we wanted to be recognized for our strengths and talents, but we didn't want to stand out too much from the crowd. As human beings, we naturally tend to want to be part of a group. Frankly, this is one reason gangs have such a strong appeal for youngsters who are just beginning to come into their own. We have an inherent need to belong.

Unfortunately, as we age, it doesn't get a lot better. We want to stand out just enough to get raises and bonuses and recognition at work; but you don't want to be seen as the boss's "pet" or the office "suck up." If given the choice of staying within the safety of a "regular job" or launching our "dream business," most of us will well opt for the safety of the 9-5 job, even if it is a job we actually hate.

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Leave Your Comfort Zone

The fact of the matter is, however, that if you want to be successful in the truest sense of the word, you must be willing to leave your comfort zone. You leave your comfort zone, or else you stagnate, stay stuck, and die a little inside even though you may be going through the motions of living a perfectly "normal life." Technically you are still alive...but your sense of joy and excitement along with a sense that you are living purposefully may well wither and die within you.

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I know it is easy to play it safe. I also know there is not a lot of joy in it. So, my best advice to you, wherever you may be in your life, is to live full out and stop playing it "safe." At the end of the day, you serve no one, least of all yourself, by not getting out of your comfort zone and going for what you want in this life. 

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