Whether or not it was your decision, dealing with the end of relationship is not easy. You might be questioning your own worth, thinking it was your fault and wondering what you could have done differently. Coaching can help you recognize your own self-worth and move on from the break up to get back on your feet.

Our Break Up Coaches can help you to:

  • Deal with anger and disbelief
  • Deal with the pain and face your emotions
  • Recognize your own self-worth
  • Handle divorce calmly and with dignity
  • Move on from the break up
  • Get your life back on track
  • Find love again

If you are dealing with a divorce or a break up, make the first step and speak to a coach now. It’s that easy.

  • Dr Stem  

    Career Coach, Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Christian Coach

    My approach is about solving problems based on a relational and collaborative approach offering a supportive and sympathetic ear balanced with reality and solutions. I am an intuitive therapist, very open, humorous, and experienced therapis... View more...

    Salem , United States
  • Frank Furbacher  

    Business Coach, Career Coach, Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach

    Frank Furbacher is a Certified Frame of Mind Coach who works with mid-level managers, rising stars, young professionals, and college students to enhance their thinking and results.  Frank's an avid CrossFit athlete!View more...

    Rochelle Park, United States
  • Catriona Stewart-Smith  

    Career Coach, Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    Hypnotherapy changes the underlying root cause that has caused you issue in the past. By changing the fundamental way that you think, the changes are rapid and effortless.View more...

    Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Ligia Houben  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Spirituality Coach

    Are you struggling to feel happier after facing a major life transition? As a Life Transition Coach, my goal is to help you have a life filled with joy, empowerement, and hope for the future.  View more...

    Miami, United States
  • Teraysa Guinasso  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Money & Finance Coach

    I teach conscious and courageous women who are ready to take their personal developement to the next level how to overcome obstacles, using the LOA, so that they can create an amazing life with great relationships and financial freedom.View more...

    Camarillo, United States
  • Martin Armitage-Smith  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach

    This coaching is for adults of any age who are looking to make significant change in their personal or professional lives for which they seek experienced and supportive guidance. View more...

    London, United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth Donegan  

    Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach, Spirituality Coach

    Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern approach to hypnosis and it can help with behavioural, physical or emotional problems, enabling you to make lasting postive change in your life. View more...

    Bury Saint Edmunds, United Kingdom
  • Jennifer Burke  

    Career Coach, Love & Relationships Coach, Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

    Looking to improve your career and business? Unsure of your career strategy and need help with finding you way? Look no further! As an experienced business coach I can help you to achieve your career and business goals. View more...

    Yate, United Kingdom
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