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Peter Michael Ward

Hi, we're Sunrise Consulting (UK) Ltd

Peter specialises in providing coaching to IT managers and professionals who want to be more successful. 

Warwick, United Kingdom

About Sunrise Consulting (UK) Ltd

In these times of austerity, when the pressure is incessant, you need to set yourself apart from the others. Peter will help you to do that!

Our Training and Qualifications

Peter has worked for a multinational IT company for almost 3 decades. He has held a wide variety of positions from computer operator to business strategy consultant. He currently leads the European part of a programme that places the most senior technical people into key clients as trusted advisors to executive management. One of his key successes in this role is to provide regular support calls to these senior technical people, thus making them more successful with their clients.

A few years ago Peter reduced his IT work to 4 days/week so that he can deliver coaching and mentoring. His qualification in personal performance coaching from The Coaching Academy, plus his training from Christopher Howard, have formalised his experience and enable him to deliver real coaching value from the Coaching Plus approach that he has developed.

Peter looks forward to speaking to you very soon!

Our Coaching and Work Experience

Peter mentors and coaches extensively. He has led seminars and personal development courses on behalf of his employer for around 15 years. He has helped clients to develop their CVs such that they achieve more senior roles than they expected. He continues to offer effective seminars with good quality material at amazing prices.

As well as being a qualified life coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation, Peter is a Fellow of the IET, a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the BCS, a Chartered IT Professional, and a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry. He gained his degree in Genetics at the University of Leeds.

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