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Stuart Morgan Stuart Morgan

Hi, I'm Stuart Morgan  

I am a psychoanalytic based integrative psychotherapist. I have studied western and eastern life coaching (Morita). I am also a regulated clinical hypnotherapist. I provide life coaching and mental health coaching.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

About Stuart

I do see general cases, both individual and couples. However my specialty areas include bipolar, depression, anxiety, NEAD, PTSD, armed forces, eating disorders and many more. (I have been in practice since 1993!) I'm based in Edinburgh with clinics also in Falkirk and Glasgow.

My Training and Qualifications

BSc (Hons) IIT specialising in HRM and systems studies
BA Open (Psychology & Applied politics)
MSc Psychology
NVQ Level 4 Training & Development specialising in complementary healthcare education. Units included C25 coaching award.
University Certificate of Education Lampeter University. (Social work based)
University Certificate of Education Edinburgh University (Philosophy & Psychology)
D Hyp Professional Diploma in Psychoanalysis & Hypnotherapy
Multiple Level 3 & 4 Vocational awards in therapies

My Coaching and Work Experience

I am a former 5 live pundit, a course author of 11 externally accredited therapist training awards, a Fellow of 3 Royal societies and generally a well recognized UK therapist. I am involved with consultancy for NHS research, training and assessing other therapists, and supervision of other therapists.

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Avg cost (per hour): £ 60.00