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Marisa Kelley

Hi, I'm Marisa Kelley  

I'm a supportive and intuitive coach to help you transition into abundant wellness, improved relationships, new careers and social contribution. I help you learn skills to enjoy new results that will last a lifetime.

Colorado, United States

About Marisa

I am a non-judgmental thinking partner who believes by working together we can make big changes. I enjoy the exchange of energy that makes coaching electric. I believe through coaching we become more connected to each other and living into our potential.

My Training and Qualifications

Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, Colorado State University

Coach Training Allliance Certification, 08/2008

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have mentored and developed creative people at all levels.

I  use collaboration and co-creation to encourage to you to live the life you imagine.

Started my own Coaching business in 8/2008

Customer Reviews

  • from Sveta on 08 Sep 2013

  • from Sveta on 05 Sep 2013

Customer Reviews

  • from Sveta on 08 Sep 2013

  • from Sveta on 05 Sep 2013

  • from Gayle B on 01 Aug 2013

    I sought coaching from Risa during a time of great change in life. The result was a feeling of being complete and happy in my relationships no matter what is occurring. I highly recommend Risa's coaching services and I am very grateful for her time and efforts in assisting others.

  • from anildabade on 24 Jul 2013

  • from Janice on 29 Jun 2013

    Marisa helped me discover new perspectives on areas of my life that I have been struggling with. She clarified my thought processes and energized me to continue moving positively toward my goals. I highly recommend Marisa and look forward to future sessions with great anticipation."

  • from Rick on 26 Jun 2013

    Risa is a God sent to me, she is helping me with understanding things. The life coaching skills that I receive in our conversations have improved my life more than I could have ever imagined. Risa is what all life coaches should be.