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Joshua James Farrell

Hi, I'm Joshua James Farrell  

Has happiness passed you by? Work with a Happiness Coach to reach the life fulfillment and joy that you truly deserve.

Philadelphia, United States

About Joshua

We'll use the latest techniques and methods from the school of Positive Psychology that will dynamically increase your capability for daily happiness and well-being. It'll be fun, effective and a great investment in your life's happiness. Don't sit on the fence any longer. Make the life changing decision to commit to a new life of happiness. Don't put it off. Do it NOW! Do it because you deserve it!

My Training and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Counseling and Psychotherapy 1979 Antioch University
  • Master of Social Work 1983 Clinical Counseling Rutgers University
  •  Success Conversion Coaching, Rhema Intl. Training Group, Inc. 2013, Certified Life Coach

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have thirty years experience as a counselor and psychotherapist helping people maximize their happiness and well-being.

I am a fully trained and Certified Life Coach with a successful private practice. I use the wealth of information from the exciting field of Positive Psychology to educate and facilitate my client's happiness.

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Avg cost (per hour): $ 75.00