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Marcin Maserak

Hi, I'm Marcin Maserak  

I help and support through coaching as a passion. I have learned lots of things through my experiences, met lot's of people from different walks of life and got a lot of life wisdom.

Wroclaw, Poland

About Marcin

If You want to talk, feel free to contact me, I will be glad for it.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Master of Science in Management so I feel good with business coaching if You need it
  • I studied on my own a lot of philosophy, quotes and religions so I can help in spirituality or worldview coaching as well
  • If You have career or self-development questions about Yourself I can help it as well, I did help in development to hundreds of people in my non-goverment organization
  • I have quite big knowledge on psychology, experience with many relations and I feel really strong with relationships coaching
  • Life coaching is usually what to start with, feel free to ask for it as well
  • In other areas, ask me if I feel strong enough to help, but usually those mentioned above are the most popular I guess

My Coaching and Work Experience

I did study a lot, not only on university. I did lead quite big as a local non-goverment organization, where we did educate people also about coaching, making trainings, self-development, PR, HR, team working, leadership, project management and so on.

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Winner Specialization

Language Languages

  • English English
  • Polish Polish


Avg cost (per hour): € 36,00