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Rana Kordahi

Hi, I'm Rana Kordahi  

Are you looking for a career change? Have you recently been made redundant or facing redundancy? Are you sending out hundreds of CVs a week and getting no replies?

Sydney, Australia

About Rana

Do job interviews make you nervous?  Are you not sure what path to take in your education or career? Are you lacking the confidence and self belief?

Look no further! As an experienced career and NLP coach I can help you to achieve your career and personal develoment goals

My Training and Qualifications

  • Qualified NLP practitioner
  • Qualified NLP coach
  • Qualified practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
  • Qualified practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Cert VI training and assessment
  • Cert VI in Business Management
  • Award in Employment Related Services

My Coaching and Work Experience

Main Areas:

  • Training and development
  • Life coaching, Personal & Professional Achievement 
  • Empowerment
  • Sales Training
  • Neurolinguistic Programming

Career Focus: 

  • Career coach
  • Success coach Trainer
  • Speaker 
  • Writer

Affiliation: Limitlessmind Training and coaching

I'm a qualified NLP practitioner, life coach and learning and development staff trainer. I have a proven track record in advising and coaching thousands of people who are long term unemployed, unhappy with their careers and others who were made suddenly redundant. For those who were made redundant, I assisted many in career change, starting their own business, boosting their interview techniques, increasing motivation, selling themselves to potential employers, taping into the hidden job market, creating a life plan, discovering educational and qualification pathways and creating a top class CV and cover letter. 

For the long term unemployed, there were many of them who had many more barriers to gaining employment; such a low self esteem, anxiety, mental health issues, criminal record, addiction, and homelessness. I have a successful track record of helping many overcome these personal barriers, gaining fulfilling employment, boosting confidence and turning their life around.

Currently I'm the founder and director of Limitlessminds, a Training and Coaching company which works with organizations in order to boost motivation, maximize performance and enhance soft skills. 

In my coaching sessions I utilizes many NLP tools in combination to my own personal resources in order to guide the individual on their journey towards personal development, growth and success. As well, I equips my clients with many useful tools so they are able to use them independently in the future.

"Personal success doesn't have much to do with talent and everything to do with focus", Rana Kordahi

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