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Doriana Silvia Souca

Hi, I'm Doriana Silvia Souca  

Who we are? What we like? What do we want? Do we achive, what we want? Here are some questions, that perhaps, we have made a point. We do a lot for others, but what do we do for ourselves?

brașov, Romania

About Doriana

How much time do we spend to talk to ourselves? To listen to our inner monologue. To discover who we really are, what we like, what we want, which are our feelings and how to archive, what we want, in accordance with our feelings. The secret of success is to be in harmony with our existence, to stay calm as much as we can and to let each life wave wash us a little bit about, until we reach the shore.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Degree in mechanical engineer - ICB - Technical Equipment Faculty - 1974
  • Degree in psychology - USH Brasov - Psychology & Pedagogy faculty - 2011
  • Master degree in human resources - Transilvania University Brasov - Sociology & Communication Faculty - 2013
  • Adlerian Psychology School in Psychoterapeutic field - APPAR - 2012
  • Certified life-coaching training - Mars-Venus Company USA - 2011
  • Certified mediator ADR - Edumonde Mediation company - 2013

My Coaching and Work Experience

  • One-to one coaching sessions  (directly & on-line)
  • Seminars & workshops - group coaching with different themes (ex.stress in daily life, for single persons and couples ; children - the couple mirror ; she & he on dating)
  • Conference speaker
  • Programmes for improving life-style

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