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Juan Pablo Heitz

Hi, I'm Juan Pablo Heitz  

Coach specialized in:

 - Sales/Team leading. Over 12 years of experience as sales director taking care of a team of 7 people with 65 customers in 35 countries.

El Casar, Spain

About Juan

Our team had the honor to work with companies such as Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Emirates among others.

- Team building and motivation. Experienced with groups of directives , engineers, etc..... I had the honor to work with companies such as CIEMAT (Ministry of Science and Technology of the Spanish Government) and Ferrovial.

- PNL. Principles successfully applied at weekend courses in Hotels. 

- Relationships. I had the pleasure to be able to help couples to understand each other better. Unconditional love and respect is the base to passion and never ending marriages.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Mastering Influence, Anthony Robbins, Madrid (2006)
  • Leadership academy, Anthony Robbins Madrid (2006)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Madrid (2007)
  • Negotiation, Diamond Building, Madrid (2007 - ¬ -2009)  
  • Team building, Diamond Building, Madrid (2008)     
  • Wealth mastery, Keith Cunningham, London (2008)
  • Ultimate relationship, Anthony Robbins, Madrid (2010)
  • Firewalk, Diamond Building, Madrid (2009 -2011)
  • NLP Master, Salvador Carrion, Madrid (2012)  
  • The neurological basis of consciousness, Rodolfo Llinas, Madrid (2012)
  • Enneagram, Richard Risso / Russ Hudson, Madrid (2013)
  • Certified Master Coach / Institute of Behavioral Coaching Ltd. (2013/2014)

My Coaching and Work Experience

CEO/Coach Triad Coaching

September 2007 – Present

Application of Sales Training courses, Motivation, NLP and Teamwork, improving the individual and collective performance, increasing overall motivation and understanding between individuals and teams.

The tools taught in the courses enhance the ability to fully understand themselves and others, optimizing their performance and therefore the results at all levels.

Having the opportunity to work daily during 12 years as account manager and team leader in several countries made me apply the learned theories and understand step by step how the brain works.


  • FERROVIAL 3 Global quality and environment meeting, SUMMA Ferrovial. Madrid (2013)

Cultural Understanding Conference. Session of cultural diversity with 80 directors from 10 different countries. Learning about the beliefs, paradigms and limiting global identities that keep us away from real understanding.

  • CIEMAT (Centre for Environmental and Energy Research Technology) Ministry of Science and Innovation. Madrid, 2007/2010

 Team Building Course. I had the pleasure to help engineering teams regularly (nuclear fusion, renewable energy ....) in search of understanding brain processes in order to achieve teamwork excellence.


Mastering Influence Course, specialized in sales and negotiation.  Course applied to the sales team and board members in Madrid, Chile, Colombia and Hong Kong. 

  • ASIAN PIONEER S.L . Madrid, 2007/2011

Mastering Influence Course, specializing in sales and negotiation. Applied to sales team and directors in Spain, Portugal and China. Training, monitoring, management and constant motivation of the team to achieve the objectives.

  • KOOLGACHET S.L - Madrid, 2007/2009

Course motivation and team building, applied to managers in improving communication with their teams, increasing assertiveness and leadership skills.

  • Aloka S.L Spain - Madrid, 2009

Mastering Influence Course,  improving the sales team in the medical devices industries in Spain and Portugal.

  • S4G - Madrid, 2008/2009

Courses Mastering Influence and teamwork, specializing in sales and trading, regularly given to the sales team of computer software.

  • Media Works SL Chile - Santiago de Chile, 2008/2009

Sales training courses for the development of the Chilean market in computer hardware.

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