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Moushira Anter Moushira Anter

Hi, I'm Moushira Anter  

I’m a Certified Professional Coach. I believe that each one of us is a gifted, unique human being with an unlimited potential.

Cairo, Egypt

About Moushira

To tap into your potential, you need to connect with your true self and strip off your limitations one by one. As a Coach, I will help you drive your own life forward towards your fulfillment. And to have a clear vision about your future, design your path to reach your dreams and overcome the obstacles on your way.

Coaching for me is not just a career or a profession, it is that passion, which makes my heart sing.  I love to connect with people and offer all my knowledge and experiences to accompany my clients in their journey towards the dreams of their future.  I enjoy being a witness to every bit of the journey.

My Training and Qualifications

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  • B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Cairo University, 1983
  • Early Childhood Diploma, Granton Institute, canada, 1997 
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coaching, CTI, USA, 2010
  • Certified NLP practioner/coach, Lucid Training (Egypt) 2010 and The HRD Academy (UK) 2012
  • Certified Job and Career Transition / Development Coach, by Richard L. Knowdell, 2010
  • Organization&Relationship System Coaching Fundamentals, CRR, USA, 2010
  • Award Certificate of Train-The-Trainer, Quest, Egypt 2011
  • Reiki First Level, The HRD Academy, UK 2013
  • Leadership Coach, CTI, USA, 2013

My Coaching and Work Experience

  • I am working as an individual coach (One-on-One), since 2008.  I have over 2000 hours of coaching experience.

With my clients, I've experienced all kind of topics, in career (from What is my career? to career transition and the fear of making the leap), also job satisfaction, and managing my team, or conflict resolution, and more.

I also experienced love and relationship coaching, finding the one for me, conflicts with partners, divorce (going through, and dealing with life after).  Relationships with children, parents, and friends.

I've also worked with few clients on the death issue, going through the pain of losing loved ones.

A lot of the issues that popped up through the coaching, and sometimes was the main topic, is Self esteem, and self image.

  • Workshops: I have created and performed 4 public workshops (Career Coaching & Self Awareness), and 1 seminar (Unleash your Potential: About Life Coaching) 2009/2012.
  • I have a corporate experience, at a company for medical products (on going):  I'm coaching talented/high potential employees on their development plan and defining their career path.