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Odi Woods

Hi, I'm Odi Woods  

Are you living from a vision for your life which inspires you? Are you fulfilling your greatest potential?  

If not, then whats's missing, what's stopping you?

London, United Kingdom

About Odi

If you're ready to transform potential into reality, limitation into inspiration, in your personal Life, business or career, then it would be my privilege to facilitate your success.

I specialise in working with creative visionaries, entrepreneurs, high achievers and leaders and with all people who are ready to do what it takes to experience the breakthroughs they long for in their lives.

In combining the principles of strategic coaching with an innate and unique insightfulness, together we can quickly identify the underlying issues, refocus your goals, fire up your inspiration, sparking innovative actions and exciting breakthroughs.

I am passionate about your results! Your success is my incentive !

I look forward to connecting with you.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Certified Life Coach 1998 with Coaching and Charles Bentley Phd.
  • Certified Facilitator and Trainer "Living From Vision" Hawaii, USA, 2000 with Paul Bauer  ( and Susan Castle ( also " Realizing Your Hearts Dreams " Sedona, Arizona 2009.
  • Certificate In Success Coaching, Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming 2004 with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Neil.
  • Certified Executive Coach 2004, Dublin, Ireland with Ignite Strategic Coaching with Padraig Berry.
  • Certified Inaugural Disc Trainer for Corporate Trainers, Inscape Ireland 2004.
  • Personal Spiritual Alchemy, MS Rem 1 and 2 Training with Susan Anthony Frost 2004.
  • Associate Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London graduating with Merit in Training and Performance.
  • PGDip Performance Vocal Studies Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.
  • Leadership, Peak Performance, Self Expression, Success and Presentation Skills, London, "Fireworks" Performance Group Founder and Facilitator.

My Coaching and Work Experience

While simultaneously enjoying an international singing career, over the past 15 years, I have been committed to continuous personal and professional development in my coaching practice, studying the habits and characteristics of some of the most influential and successful leaders and organisations globally, identifying key concepts, strategies and principles of practice proven to contribute to success.

I'm passionate about coaching... For me, it's about exposing the illusion of perceptual limitations and reconnecting people to their natural inspiration, vision and power... to their authentic selves... so they become free to shine in their own unique way.

I have extraordinary experience to call upon with regard to public speaking, presentation skills, peak performance and authentic communication and self expression.

I have a laser-like ability to zoom in on any limiting beliefs and self talk which block and limit what's possible and find repeatedly with my clients, that when together, we create a powerful vision for success and fulfillment, that results flow freely from the effortless inspiration that this ignites and there is immense flow and fun to boot!

I've coached clients internationally (UK, USA, and Ireland) from a broad spectrum including business leaders, particularly entrepreneurs, executives and senior management, the performing arts, theater company management, pop singers, dance choreographer to the stars, actors, and singles and couples in relationship and dating coaching.

It all boils down to transforming what you've got to what you're wanting and connecting the dots.

Successful coaching, in my opinion, requires powerful listening for people's greatness, providing a safe space and a soundboard for self enquiry, posing probing intuitive quantum questions, eliciting authentic communication and relatedness and then being completely unreasonable and relentless as a cheer leader for transformation .

I value integrity, personal accountability and taking responsibility as essential components for breakthrough results and practice walking my talk with the same commitment I seek to inspire.

I lead and co-present Workshops and Masterclass Seminars for individuals and small groups and have previously co-launched an online community called "MyPotential" as a free resource highlighting the Work/Life Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

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