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Celeste Du Toit Celeste Du Toit Celeste Du Toit

Hi, I'm Celeste Du Toit  

Hi, I’m Celeste.

I guide you to discover, unlock and grow your passion and potential to create more joy, fulfilment and a sense of personal mastery.

Faerie Glen, South Africa

About Celeste

Why me?

I have been on a path of personal growth for years but something was lacking. I reached many goals, but was not being true to my passion and living my dreams. I became unsettled, the best thing that could have happened! So I changed all that and took action, despite my fears and doubts.

My years travelling gave given me an opportunity to grow, and overall perspective. I developed a desire to use my experience, growth and qualifications to inspire and empower others to bring about change, take control, lead a more fulfilled life and overcome limiting beliefs that may have prevented them from reaching their full potential.

My passions are people and travel. My strength is my unique ability to connect.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Certificate IV in Life Coaching - Life Coaching Academy, Australia
  • Master NLP Practitioner - Breakthrough Dynamics, Australia
  • Master Life Coach - Breakthrough Dynamics, Australia
  • Time Dynamics Practitionr - Breakthrough Academy, Australia
  • Tertiary qualification: Chartered Accountant  - South Africa
  • Management Development - South Africa

My Coaching and Work Experience

Life coaching: Close on 100 hours of individual, ad hoc and pro bono coaching to individuals.

Training: Teaching learning receptiveness skills to learners, aged 12 - 18.  

Corporate experience: Provided guidance, coaching and mentoring to support and enable project delivery, process improvement, project management and quality assurance.