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Steve Thomson

Hi, I'm Steve Thomson  

Coaching is as individual as those who are looking for a coach. Finding the right coach for you is critical to the success of the relationship. 

Chichester, United Kingdom

About Steve

I work with individuals and small businesses, and also with people who work within larger organisations. I only work with those people who I feel will truly benefit from my own style of communication-based coaching. Clients past and present refer me to others, and it's this trust that makes my job so worthwhile.

My Training and Qualifications

  • NLP Master Practitioner since 2004
  • Hypnotherapist since 2006
  • Specialist in the treatment of depression and PTSD
  • Communication-based coaching
  • Qualified in CBT since 2009

My Coaching and Work Experience

I've been training people in communication skills since around 1994, when I was asked to train a few individuals to speak at a conference. Since then I've built a loyal clientele for training, and have progressed to coaching and hypnotherapy, with a special interest in treating depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

As a coach I depend largely on the rapport and engagement I feel with clients who choose to work with me. I use communication psychology to explore the bonds between different aspects of their lives and help them unravel the tangled threads that can hold them back in their careers and in their personal lives.

I have always been involved in sport, and love to work with other sportsmen and women; particularly archers golfers and darts players, but I find that anyone who is a competitor in any sport can benefit from personal as well as sports coaching.

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