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Shirley Khamani

Hi, I'm Shirley Khamani  

Do you love what you do, wake up each morning energised and ready to go to work? Do you want to? My mission is to help people realise their career goals.

Tel Aviv, Israel

About Shirley

    I successfully help my clients achieve their ambitions whether it is:

  • Being interviewed successfully and getting the job they want;
  • Career advancement;
  • Finding the right career path;
  • Or simply navigating and dealing with day to day career challenges.

Hi! My name is Shirley and I love doing what I do. It wasn't always like this and navigating through life trying to name your career dream can be a real challenge like it was for me.

I changed my career at the age of 40 but it is never too late or too early. My specialty is short term coaching from a minimum of 3 hours to 2-3 months. 

My Training and Qualifications

• B. Sc (Hons) Business Administration majoring in Information Systems 2000;

• Ontological Coaching, Emotion School of Coaching 2007;

• Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC) analyst 2010;

• Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner 2008.

My Coaching and Work Experience

Case Example: "Stuck in the Middle"

A client working in a very large banking institution came to me after being "stuck" in the same position for over 6 years. Up until that level, he managed to advance very quickly from a teller's position up to middle management.

He had done everything he knew, spoke to all his contacts, tried several coaches but nothing worked to break through the glass ceiling.

When we started our work together he set his goal "begin the new position within 6 months - which happened to be on the 1st January- New Year.

On the 1st of September - 4 months before the deadline - he had already started the new position - and he gained not 1 but 2 level advance - which got him to mingle with the Big wigs.

If you too have a challenge getting on to the next level I'll be happy to help you.

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