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Hi, I'm Carol Robertson  

Whatever you need help with, from the most simple to complex or unusual issues I will do my utmost to help you become free and to achieve your goals as quickly and as pleasantly as is possible.

near Edinburgh, United Kingdom

About Carol

I'm an internationally recognised change-maker and my work frees people. 

If you are stuck, labelled or in pain.

Whatever you need help with, from the most simple to complex or unusual issues I will do my utmost to help you become free and to achieve your goals as quickly and as pleasantly as is possible. I'm a specialist in sensory acuity so I’m skilled at listening and seeing where you are and where you want to be, working out with you how you are functioning and choosing and noting which are the best methods for you. The change-methods we will use include the most modern scientific methods for permanent change and other brilliant tools and techniques I have gathered over four decades. Believing firmly in self sufficiency, and walking my talk I will share with you in a down to earth, informal and sensible way so you can help yourself in the future.

My Training and Qualifications

  • Two year postgraduate study at The Slade of Art, University College London
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Certified Practitioner of Havening (Dr Ronal Ruden, Paul Mckenna PHD, Deborah Tom)
  • Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Dr Richard Bandler, John and Kathleen La Valle)
  • Advanced Therapeutic Specialist of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Eric Robbie, Gariel Guerrero)
  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Paul McKenna, Dr Bandler, J La Valle)
  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Dr Bandler, P McKenna. Michael Neil )
  • Neuro-Hypnotic Re-patterning (Dr Bandler, J La Valle)
  • Hypnotic Practitioner as an application of NLP (P McKenna, Dr Bandler)
  • EmoTrance Practitioner (Dawn Flockart)
  • Animal Communication (Ammelia Kincade)
  • Future life Progression (Anne Jirsche)

My Coaching and Work Experience

I have coached clients from all over the world, of all ages and from all walks of life and with a wide range of aims. They have included other top coaches, businesses, charities, high profile authors, filmmakers, artists, celebrities, goverment officials, sport professionals, judges, business people, mums, carers, dads, grandparents and children. They wanted help with taking on high level jobs, being great parents, forgetting, excelling in sport, stopping stuttering, debilitating phobias, fear of flying, fear of winning, remembering, dyslexia, anxiety, resolving realtionship difficulties, grief, exhaustion, sadness, relaxing, having more fun, and learning NLP, hypnosis, and Havening.

I have also used these methods to become an author, inventor, artist, collabrative artist, business woman, coach and consultant. Always aiming for the best possible outcome, my books are published by Thames & Hudson and are considered to be standard works, my eighteen inventions are made by the prestigious Swiss company Lascaux and are sold worldwide, my own art works have been awarded 'Sovereign Award for the best painters in Europe' (judge Sir Peter Blake) and have been collected by the Queen, artworks made by me in collaboration with high-profile artists have been collected by Tate, the Goverment Collection and The National Gallery. I have also used these concepts, methods and tools to recover from the knocks and bumps of life and to enjoy life fully and richly. I love all the senses, and like to cook, create gardens, be with family and friends, travel and learn. I am also a riding instructor, I use positive reinforcement and I have trained in classical and natural horsemanship. I have developed a new psychosensory therapy called Animal and Equine-Assisted Havening. I also help animals with Havening.

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