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Bernd Hohmann Bernd Hohmann Bernd Hohmann

Hi, I'm Bernd Hohmann  

You are the right person, at the right place, at the right time. You have all competence you need to solve your challenges in life, relationship and career.

Frankfurt, Germany

About Bernd

I support you on these ways with instinctiveness, respect and passion. Welcome in your successful future!

My Training and Qualifications

Study as Psychologist- University of Giessen and Marburg

02.1981 - 05.1989 

Coach and Trainer for staff and executives - Training by Leadership Management International Deutschland GmbH, Dresden, 70 Stunden

11.2008 – 05.2009 

Biostruktur-Analyse, Structogram-Triogram - Training by Leadership Management International Deutschland GmbH, Dresden, 21 Stunden

11.2008 – 11.2008 

Business and Management Coaching - Training by European Coaching Association Düsseldorf, 100 Stunden

02.2007 – 07.2007

Mediation and Confliktmanagement - Training by University of Dortmund, 200 Stunden

11.2003 – 04.2005

Selfpresentation and Body Language - Training by Skan, International Network of Reichian Bodywork, Santa Fee, 672 Stunden

09.1990 – 11.1993 

My Coaching and Work Experience

 The 25 years of work with humans. I have three focus points: 

1. Coaching and Training of adults and youth people, 9 years.

2. Coaching and case managing of clinical and psychiatric ill adults, 10 years.

3. Coaching and consulting of leaders and organisations in industry, 6 years.

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Winner Specialization

Language Languages

  • German German
  • Italian Italian
  • English English


Avg cost (per hour): € 75,00